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  • Medical Device Link . DNA-chip technologies
    of sample-preparation and analysis equipment designed to be integrated with DNA-chip technologies. Others echo his comments regarding their firms' product development timetables. Types of DNA Chips There are three basic types of DNA chips. The first and oldest is the sequencing chip. This is also the type
  • AN0014 X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip Reliability and Performance Data
    Coefficient. Voltage Coefficient. AN0014 Issue 2 – X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip. CN# P103199. Application Note. Reference No. Page 2 of 10. AN0014 – X2Y Balanced. Line EMI Chip Issue 2. Introduction. The X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip is a 3 terminal device with a revolutionary internal. design, offering
  • Stepper Motor Reference Design
    reference design may also be used as a platform for. are also found in industrial equipment such as robotics, stepper motor code development using the C2D two-. electronic component handlers, testers, dispensers, and wire on-chip debug and Flash programming interface. other manufacturing equipment
  • Subsurface Zener References
    Subsurface or "buried" Zener references are more stable and accurate than the simple Zener-reference. They consist of diodes with the correct value of reverse-breakdown voltage, formed below the surface level of the integrated-circuit chip; then covered by a protective diffusion to keep
  • The Drive to Miniaturize - 0201 Flip Chip Silicon Schottky Diodes
    with. the part, centered between the. the diode junction, it reduces. metal terminals as shown in. the signal voltage across the. Figure 7. junction, decreasing the diode’s. Figure 7: SMS7621-096. This diode is fabricated uti-. efficiency. lizing Skyworks’ proven sili-. The flip chip configuration. con
  • Digital Compass Reference Design with the SiRFstar2t GPS Chipset
    Microsoft Word - 022006AN219.doc. Application Note – AN219. Digital Compass Reference Design with the. SiRFstar2t GPS Chipset. ABSTRACT. Until recently, combining a GPS chipset with magnetic. GPS. sensors for a digital compass (heading) feature was. TRI-. R AX. A IS. X. RX. TRI-AX. A IS. MAG
  • Pulse Power Capacitors - US Army Research Program Has Yielded Millisecond Discharge High-Voltage Film Capacitors with Sub-Microsecond Discharge on the Horizon (.pdf)
    , Joel Ennis,. S.P.S. Yen, X. H. Chip Yang, Janet Ho. General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc., San Diego, CA, United States. US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD, United States. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States. Presented at: 2008 IEEE International Power Modulator
  • Requirements for Industrial Sensor Applications
    are. For larger currents, however, a step-down con-. better than 1% gives good service as a precise. very different, depending on the respective ap-. verter can be integrated in the ASIC, as in the. and temperature-stable voltage reference. plication. For example, on one hand highly de-. application indicated