Infrared Temperature Sensor Module

Featured Product from Dexter Research Center, Inc.

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The Temperature Sensor Module (TSM) infrared thermometer is the low cost solution for non-contact temperature measurements. The sensor is integrated with signal conditioning that reliably produces a calibrated temperature output in a plug-and-play package having many options. Programmable outputs and flexible power requirements yield a turnkey solution for consumer, commercial, industrial and medical applications.

• Factory calibrated IR thermometer with linear digital output.

• Small size TO-5 can, easy to integrate.

• Low cost, competitive pricing.

• Standard calibration in wide temperature ranges:

-40 to 85°C for ambient temperature.

-70 to 310°C for object temperature.

• Better than 0.5°C repeatability in the 0-50°C range.

• 0.02°C readout resolution possible.

• High refresh rate.

• Simple emissivity correction.

• Continuous temperature readout through PWM

(Pulse Width Modulated) output.

• 2-wire SMBus compatible interface for reading

temperatures and reconfiguring the sensor.

• Building block for sensor network with up to 100


• High reliability and long-term stability.

• Excellent ESD/EMC characteristics.

• Available for 3 and 5 V applications. Easy to adapt for

voltage sources from 6-24 V.

• Power saving mode for battery operation.

• Traceability through unique ID number in non-volatile


• Single thermometer version.

• RoHS compliant.