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Planetary Reducer for Packaging Machinery

Featured Product from DieQua Corporation

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DieQua Corporation Launches: The PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer, designed specifically for demanding Packaging Machinery Applications. Featuring superior Over-Hung-Load (OHL) capacities to address demanding Radial and Axial Loading requirements found in VFFS, HFFS, Pouching, Filling, Case Erecting and Cartoning Machinery.

In Summary, DieQua’s new PHCH Planetary Reducers are:
• Backlash as low as ≤3 arcmin
• High efficiency ≥97%
• Low operating noise ≤58 dB(A)
• Inline housing configuration
• Available in four sizes, 70, 90, 120 and 155
• One-piece solid shaft and planet-carrier
• 8 Single Stage Ratios (3:1 ~ 10:1), and 13 Double Stage Ratios 15:1 through 100:1
• Torque Capacity through 600 Nm
• Caged Planet Gear Carrier
• Radial Capacities to 11380 N