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Accurate, Low Cost Solids Mass Flow Meter

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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Mass Flow Measurement of Granular Solids

The CentriFlow BWS from Eastern Instruments, is a gravimetric in-line mass flow meter which measures continuous flow based on the principle of centripetal force. The BWS will measure the flow of any grain or pellet continuously as it passes through the meter.

With a typical accuracy of +/-1.0% the CentriFlow BWS is a simplified mass flow meter that greatly minimizes cost by integrating the electronics of the meter directly into the meter module's design. The electronics, which features a 4" color, touchscreen HMI, is mounted directly to the rear of the flow meter for easy accessibility and a simplified installation.


The unique gravimetric design of the CentriFlow BWS allows this model of CentriFlow to achieve a 1.00% accuracy full scale on virtually all granular flowable solids.
The CentriFlow

® Meter is not affected by changes in product elasticity, density, shape or friction. Fluctuations in flow rate don't impact it's accuracy. The CentriFlow BWS has the ability to measure at various densities and turndown ratios while maintaining a very high accuracy.
The BWS comes with sturdy high-grade Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel flow paths and the Enclosure is made of 3/16" Painted Carbon Steel for structural integrity. The meter can be mounted directly, via the enclosure itself.
With a simplified design that integrates the electronics and meter module, installation is extremely simple. The integrated electronics are mounted directly to the rear of the CentriFlow BWS for easy calibration.
The CentriFlow® Meter maintains its accuracy with a maximum 20 to 1 turndown capability based on volumetric capacity.