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High-performance metallocene polyalphaolefin

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High-performance metallocene polyalphaolefin
SpectraSyn Elite™ metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) advanced synthetic base oil is a high-performance polyalphaolefin (PAO) designed to provide you with better blending efficiency and performance capabilities than conventional synthetic PAO.
SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base oil offers formulators the flexibility to develop innovative finished lubricants to help meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and product durability. Available in 65, 150 and 300 cSt at 100°C, SpectraSyn Elite mPAO is created using our proprietary metallocene catalyst technology.
Particularly well-suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under severe operating conditions, SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base oil can be used in combination with lower-viscosity fluids (PAO, mineral oils) to achieve a wide range of industrial and automotive lubricants and greases.


  • Viscosity index range, for high performance at a wide temperature range
  • Shear stability, for long drain intervals
  • Low-temperature properties, for cold-start capability and fluidity


SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO
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