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Low Viscosity Engine Oil

Featured Product from ExxonMobil – Synthetic Base Stocks

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Engine and lubricant technologies for passenger and commercial vehicles continue to evolve, driven mainly by the need to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Base stocks with lower viscosity and volatility characteristics can help meet these challenges, but the lower the viscosity, the higher the volatility. Formulators also struggle to create engine oils that deliver fuel economy at lower viscosity without compromising wear protection.

Our low-viscosity SpectraSyn™ polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base stocks, available between 2 and 10 cSt @ 100°C, offer numerous advantages over mineral-oil base stocks, including:

  • Excellent low-temperature properties for improved low-temperature performance
  • Low volatility (Noack) for reduced oil consumption
  • Better oxidative and thermal stability for engine cleanliness and longer drain intervals
  • Improved lubricity for fuel economy improvements

Formulators blend low-viscosity SpectraSyn PAO with mineral base stocks to provide these performance enhancements in finished engine oils.