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Absolute Encoder, series AES-4096

Featured Product from FAULHABER MICROMO

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In combination with the high power BX4 Series 4-Pole brushless DC servomotors from FAULHABER the high resolution Absolute Encoders Series AES-4096 can be used for precision commutation and optimized position and speed control. Using revolutionary single chip magnetic encoder technology, the encoders help to reduce torque ripple, provide for higher motor efficiency and reduced electrical noise.

The single turn absolute angular position information is available after power-on, an important feature for many positioning applications. A single combined motor and encoder cable significantly reduces cabling complexity. The encoders also feature a wide temperature range and can be modified for a variety of challenging application environments.

The encoders are available in combination with the 4 Pole Brushless DC-Servomotor Series 2232 / 2250 BX4 and 3242 / 3268 BX4. Together with FAULHABER’s versatile Speed Controller Series SC 1801 / 2804 AES low speeds down to 20 rpm in 4 quadrant control mode are made possible based on the encoder