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FAULHABER MICROMO has promoted these products / services:

FAULHABER MICROMO - Drive Systems for Medical and Laboratory Equipment

Patients usually are not aware of it, but drive systems are always at their side in medical applications where failure must not happen. Whatever your medical application needs may be, our broad portfolio of drive systems and accessories is always the right prescription. Download this white paper to learn more. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Accurate Incremental Encoder w/latest Chip Tech.

With the launch of the IEP3, FAULHABER expands its product line with an incremental encoder which, thanks to the latest chip technology, achieves a very high resolution and accuracy. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Extend your Range of Motion for Miniature Drives

FAULHABER has added another extremely compact Motion Controller without housing to its product range. The new Motion Controller is ideal for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (peak current 9 A), it covers the power range up to approx. 100 W and is suitable for DC-motors with encoder, brushless drives or linear motors. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Compact, High-Performance Linear Actuators

With the all-new Linear Actuator L product family, FAULHABER is offering a unique turn-key-solution for a broad range of applications. (read more)


As of July 22, 2019, MicroMo Electronics Inc. (MICROMO) has been officially reorganized as FAULHABER MICROMO LLC and now becomes an official, fully-integrated part of the FAULHABER Drive Systems division of the FAULHABER GROUP. (read more)


Achieving Maximum Output With Customized Drive Systems

Today, mass-market electronics are manufactured almost exclusively on high-performance assembly machines. Given the nature of these fast-moving products, time is literally money. Therefore, two aspects are of particular importance for the production equipment deployed within this area: maximum quantities and minimum changeover... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Robotic Biopsy System Improves Efficiency

Robotic Biopsy System Improves Efficiency of Needle Biopsies
Compact, High Torque DC Servo Motors Precisely Control Biopsy Needle To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Patient Exposure To Radiation (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Motor Drives Deep Sea Sensors

Robust DC Motor Drives Deep-Sea Sensors

Research often means coping with extreme conditions to retrieve the right data. Marine research is a case in point. Underwater sensors that plumb the depths of the world’s ocean have to withstand not only temperature differences but also extreme pressures, yet still deliver
reliable readings. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Small DC Motors for Spectrophotometry

Spectrophotometer applications often require intermittent short, quick motions with micron-level accuracy. OEM engineers partner with FAULHABER MICROMO to incorporate small DC motors to deliver an ultra-compact, ideal motion solution. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Motor Calculations

When selecting a DC motor for an application, or when developing a powered prototype there are numerous calculations and formulas which must be considered to produce a well-functioning, sufficiently-powered, and safe device. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Impressive torque to size to weight ratio

New Brushless DC Servo Motor Reaches A New Level of Performance

MICROMO is proud to launch the newest FAULHABER brushless DC motor, the 2264 BP4 series. The new 2264 BP4 series motor has an impressive torque to size to weight ratio, and also features integrated sensors and a wide speed range. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - New FAULHABER 1660 BHx Series Brushless DC Motors

Impressive Speed and Power, in Hand
MICROMO is proud to launch the brand new FAULHABER 1660 BHx series, a high power, slottless brushless DC motor based on 2-pole technology that's setting new standards for performance, speed, and power. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - 24% More Torque Per Watt, in a Powerful 10mm Motor

MICROMO launches the new FAULHABER 1016 SR series. At 10 mm in diameter and 16 mm in length, the 1016 SR series delivers over 24% more torque per watt than competitive motors with the same dimensions. Additional strengths include low power consumption, high energy-efficiency and minimal vibration & low audible noise, making it well suited for applications with small dimensions and ve... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - The Next Generation of Sub-Micron Precision

MICROMO launches the new Piezo LEGS® Linear 6N motor (LL06), the next generation of the classic Piezo LEGS® LL10 with some major redesign work. The LL06 features an integrated high-resolution optical encoder, plus a slimmer design and options for guides that steer the drive rod. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO Launches Optical Encoders: IER3 and IERS3

MICROMO is pleased to announce the new high precision IER3 and IERS3 optical encoders from FAULHABER. Both encoders deliver 2 channel quadrature signals and an additional index signal. The encoders are highly precise, thanks to the optical measuring principle. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - New 10 mm Motor Doubles Output Torque

MICROMO launches the new generation of small DC motors, the FAULHABER 1024 SR series. A 10 mm diameter and an ability to offer high performance with small dimensions and low weight make the 1024 SR motor ideal for high-demand applications & portable devices. In combination with a gearhead, its output torque can achieve 300 mNm, twice that of similar products on the market. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Next Generation of Motion Controllers - V3.0

MICROMO launches the new MC3/MCS motion control family. The new controllers are optimized for use with FAULHABER motor technologies, offer electronics for simple operation with state-of-the-art interfaces for multi-axis applications and provide a motion control system solution with the most compact integration into industrial grade housing. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - New Planetary Gearhead Reaches Record Levels

MICROMO launches a new FAULHABER 20/1R planetary gearhead, offering the most powerful transmission technology in its class. A 20 mm diameter allows the stainless steel gearhead to achieve continuous torque of 800 mNm, & up to 1100 mNm in intermittent use. The 20/1R gearhead can be combined with small coreless DC, brushless DC motors and stepper motors with a diameter of 17 to 22 mm. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO launches New DC Motor - 2668 CR Series

MICROMO introduces the new 2668 CR small DC motor from FAULHABER, which offers considerably more power than comparable drives. The 2668 CR is the most powerful copper?graphite commutated DC motor in its size class on the market. Thanks to a bigger NdFeB magnet and a high copper content in the winding, it supplies a rated torque of 70 mNm. (read more)


FAULHABER is expanding its range of drives in the medium power range with the new 1727 CXR small DC motor, adding an extremely compact drive to the CXR series. A powerful neodymium magnet gives the graphite?commutated motor a high power density with a continuous torque of 4.9 mNm. It generates this power in a housing that is just 17 mm in diameter and 27 mm in length. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Powerful Drive Electronics for Stepper Motors

MCST 3601 – Powerful New Drive Electronics for Stepper Motors

Searching the multitude of available programmable motion controllers for one that is ideal for micro stepper motors with phase currents of sometimes less than 100 mA was once a real challenge. The new MCST 3601 series was developed from the cooperation between FAULHABER and Trinamic GmbH. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO Launches 6 mm Stepper Motor: FDM 0620

With the new FDM 0620 stepper motor series, MICROMO presents a high performance FAULHABER stepper motor with minimal size. Setting new standards for compact drive systems, all components (including connections) are in a housing that measures just 9.7 mm in length and 6 mm in diameter. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Powerful Brushless DC Servo Motor from MICROMO

MICROMO is proud to provide the newest small brushless DC motor from FAULHABER: the 3274 BP4 series. The 3274 BP4 series is overload‐resistant and operates without wear‐prone mechanical commutation, making its operational lifetime many times longer than that of a conventional micro DC motor. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO Offering New Piezo Controller: DMC-30019

MICROMO is pleased to announce that PiezoMotor Uppsala AB (Sweden), leading provider of linear and rotary high end positioning systems, has recently introduced the latest drive option for the high precision Piezo LEGS® motor series. The new DMC-30019 is a single-axis controller based on architecture from Galil Motion Control, Inc. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Ultra Compact 3 Channel Integrated Encoder

MICROMO launches the new FAULHABER IEH3‐4096 series integrated magnetic encoders: the most compact 3‐channel encoder of its class. This integrated encoder series offers a higher resolution, an extended operating temperature range and improved speed control, especially in the lower speed range. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Small Brushless DC Servo Motor: 2057 BHS

MICROMO is proud to announce and offer the new 2057 BHS small brushless DC servo motor from FAULHABER. This new motor series is designed to address the specific requirements of the medical and dental handpiece markets. While remaining cool to the touch, the high efficiency, slotless design features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40,000 rpm. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Rosetta Space Probe Lands on Comet after 10 years

A First in Space History – Rosetta Space Probe Lands on Comet after Ten Years of Travel (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Nature Inspired Robotics

Since the beginning of life on Earth, nature has continuously evolved to develop numerous solutions to energy-related and mechanical problems. Replicating the sophistication and perfection of nature is the core challenge for scientists and engineers today. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Small DC Motors Power High-Traction Sewer Robots

New developments in the field of electronics and motion control engineering now make it possible to inspect and perform maintenance in small sewers . To meet the high standards of reliability and performance, roboust FAULHABER DC motors are used. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Micro DC Motors Drive Telemedicine Robotics

Modern telepresence robots like the RP-Vita from InTouch Health do more than put a patient’s diagnostic information in the hands of an offsite doctor, they create a virtual presence for physician and patient. Driven by FAULHABER small DC motors from MICROMO, InTouch brings top-flight medical care to the farthest reaches of the globe. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Powerful DC Drives turn Industrial Handling Device

In many industrial handling and automation tasks, work pieces or tools have to be rotated into position. This places great demands on swivel units, with requirements spanning everything from high speed and precise movement to powerful operation and low maintenance. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO Brushless DC Servo Motors Series 1218 B

MICROMO is pleased to announce the arrival of a new high-performance small brushless DC motor from FAULHABER: the 1218 B Series. This new brushless motor series is designed to address applications where high power and overall motor size are key requirements. Measuring 18 mm in length with only a 12 mm diameter and featuring a wide standard operating temperature range from -20°C to 10... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - New 8 & 10 mm Micro Brushless Motor

MICROMO introduces the new 0824 and 1028 motors from the FAULHABER Group. The new high performance, high precision motors are ideal for a wide variety of applications in such markets as medical devices and robotics. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Motors Stabilize Camera for Ocean Filming

Shooting high-quality nature films is hard enough on land, but even more challenging at sea. In order to meet this challenge an onboard stabilization system with rapid response and robust construction are required. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - 0816-SR DC Motor has High Torque in a Small Space

MICROMO announces the new FAULHABER high power 0816 SR Series DC‐Micro Motors. Based on the revolutionary FAULHABER ironless rotor winding, the coreless motors deliver best in class performance in a compact 8 mm diameter with continuous torque up to 0.7 mNm and a stall torque of 1.2 mNm. The 0816 SR is the perfect for applications where light weight and high torque ar... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - BX4 Motors with Integrated Compact Electronics

MICROMO now offers twelve new 32mm Brushless DC-Servomotors from the FAULHABER Group. The features of the BX4 line are long operational lifetime, a high cogging-free output torque and no adhesive bonded joints. This makes them ideal for many applications like robotics, automation, medical, machinery, aerospace and aviation. The new BX4 series brushless motors are available in two lengths... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Motors Enable Outpatient Eye Surgery

Eye surgery has now become a standard operation. All the instruments and apparatus have to be precise and reliable. In order to ensure a precision cut the blade is moved forward and back by a FAULHABER stepper motor with PRECIstep® technology and a planetary gearhead. A FAULHABER brushless DC motor causes the blade to oscillate simultaneously. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - FAULHABER 17/1 Series Planetary Gearhead

Thanks to the sturdy construction, the FAULHABER metal Planetary Gearheads are ideal for applications which demand the highest torque. The new 17/1 gearhead is the latest addition to the FAULHABER gearhead product line in the 16 to 20 mm diameter range. The 17/1 gearhead is available with up to five gear stages, with standard reductions of 3.33 : 1 to 1,367 : 1 (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - MICROMO Launches Powerful New E-Commerce Offering

In a day and age when you can shop for everything from fasteners to centrifuges over the Internet, shouldn't you be able to buy a fully optimized micro motor system online? MICROMO thinks so. That's why we've launched our Motion System SelectorTM. It’s an extremely powerful, interactive parametric search tool that helps OEMs and design engineers quickly and easily specif... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Micromotor Series 2642/2657 CXR

Following the powerful CR series motor, MICROMO now offers the new CXR group of graphite commutated DC micro motors to include the 26 mm diameter version.The new motors, the 2642 and the 2657, deliver from 23 to 35 mNm of continuous duty torque in compact dimensions. Using leading edge processes, the motors are constructed with high performance materials. The 2642 and 2657 CXR ca... (read more)


The app you have been waiting for has arrived. MICROMO MOTION is a DC motor calculator app for both iPhone and Android devices. MOTION is designed to help engineers calculate DC motor performance using speed, torque, voltage and other catalog data. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Absolute Encoder, series AES-4096

In combination with the high power BX4 Series 4-Pole brushless DC servomotors from FAULHABER the high resolution Absolute Encoders Series AES-4096 can be used for precision commutation and optimized position and speed control. Using revolutionary single chip magnetic encoder technology, the encoders help to reduce torque ripple, provide for higher motor efficiency and reduced electrical... (read more)


MICROMO is pleased to present the 3863 CR DC Micro Motor from FAULHABER. The 3863-CR has ZHN48 magnet material for benchmark torque performance of 150 mNm at 8,000 RPM. The new DC Motor is available in 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 volts and can be equipped with a three channel encoder (also available in a Linedriver design) as well as combined with a wide range of precision gearheads. The FAULHABE... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - The New BS22 – 1.5 Spindle Drive

MICROMO is pleased to introduce the BS22-1.5 spindle drive from the FAULHABER Group. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Brushless Motor Series 2232 / 2250

MICROMO is pleased to announce a new 22mm innovation that extends the portfolio of the BX4 range of four pole brushless DC servomotors from FAULHABER. The series 2232 / 2250…BX4 CSD/CCD is the world’s most compact drive with an integrated motion controller. This new series combines all the advantages of the BX4 four pole brushless technology with a single axis motion control... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - High Performance with Lower Consumption

Small and miniature aircraft, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial
vehicles), require reliable propulsion systems in order to achieve
extended flight times with minimal quantities of fuel. Previously, the
only option available for fuel delivery to the engine was a carburetor.
The latter, however, is not able to provide an optimum fuel mix for all
of the... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Small DC Motors Power Handheld Explosives Detector

Explosives present ongoing risk today, whether in the battlefield, city streets, or around high-value targets like airports. RedXDefense set out to develop a handheld field unit to detect various hazardous materials, they focused on designing a fast, rugged, and easy-to-use device targeted for operation by soldiers or dockworkers. (read more)


With 3-phase self-supporting coil and non-magnetic steel housing offers high-resolution performance. The absence of residual static force and the excellent relationship between, linear force and current make these motors ideal for use in micro-positioning applications. Three analog-Hall sensors allow position control with resolution measured in microns without the need for an encoder (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Laboratory Equipment need Fast Reliable DC Motors

Many standard recurring jobs in routine medical laboratory work are being performed through partial automation and additional manual work involving increased staffing levels, e.g. blood group determination or anti-body tests. Massive savings can be achieved by using state-of-the-art laboratory analysis systems. (read more)


MICROMO is pleased to present the 3272 CR DC Micro Motor from FAULHABER. Setting new standards, the 3272 CR offers graphite commutation and premium materials produced with cutting-edge process technologies. The robust and durable drive provides torque of up to 120 mNm, while measuring merely 32 mm in diameter and 72 mm in length. (read more)


A newly developed blood circulation scanner is small and practical, combining modern electronics, DC motors from MICROMO, laser technology and micromechanics with a PC for evaluation. As blood circulation is essential for all bodily functions, this device allows rapid confirmation of diagnoses as well as an assessment of the progression of specific illnesses. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Space Exploration use Lightweight DC Motors

Every kilogram of weight which goes into orbit costs a hundred times its weight in fuel. So microdrives are an excellent solution. They are always ready for action, tolerate short-term overloads and are resistant to both cold and heat if modified slightly with respect to materials and lubrication of the standard components. This makes them an enormously affordable drive for space technol... (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - Light Weight Bomb Disposal Robot

Mechanical Mobile Platforms (MMPs), a family of simplified, manportable robots from the Machine Lab Inc. (Fort Collins, CO) that can perform a range of surveillance and bomb disposal tasks at a price point low enough for wide deployment . For the cost of a high-end system, which can exceed several hundred thousand dollars, users can purchase nine or 10 MMPs. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - DC Micromotors Pack a Powerful Punch

For difficult, dangerous tasks, telerob, a specialist in remote handling technology, has developed the disarming robot Teodor. The all-terrain mobile robot on caterpillar treads is controlled wirelessly via radio. Because of the low centre of gravity, the manipulator arm can lift up to 30 kg securely. (read more)

FAULHABER MICROMO - 32mm Series BX4 Brushless DC Servomotors

MICROMO now offers twelve new 32mm Brushless DC-Servomotors from the FAULHABER Group. The features of the BX4 line are long operational lifetime, a high cogging-free output torque and no adhesive bonded joints. This makes them ideal for many applications like robotics, automation, medical, machinery, aerospace and aviation. (read more)