Integrated Liquid Handling

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Hamilton Z-Excursion Universal Sampler (ZEUS) is a fully automated, self-contained, and ready-to-go pipetting module for integration into Diagnostics and Life Science instruments. It is based on Hamilton’s revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology and uses disposable tips to avoid carry-over. The module is equipped with Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) which ensures precise and secure pipetting.

Why do instrument manufacturers choose ZEUS?

  • No carry-over and cross-contamination: ZEUS accommodates disposable tips for pipetting over a large volume range from 1 to 1000 µL
  • Precise and secure pipetting: ZEUS is equipped with QPM for onboard pipetting monitoring, tip presence sensor and both capacitive and pressure LLD
  • Simplified component integration and reduced time to market with Hamilton fully validated components.
  • Reduced instrument maintenance and service with no valves, syringes, and tubing required