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35km Detection Range f/5.5 4.2kg Zoom IR Lenses

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Unveiling the future of advanced surveillance – Shalom EO's 90mm to 1100mm f/5.5 Continuous Zoom MWIR Thermal Camera Lenses for Cooled Detectors. Packed with features that redefine what's possible, these lenses unleash unparalleled detection capabilities. The 223mm diameter, 295.51mm length CZ Lens assemblies weigh 4.2 kg, providing a perfect combination of long detection range, lightweight, and large aperture. The lenses cater to diverse surveillance and monitoring missions requiring long detection ranges and high thermal contrast, such as Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV/C-UAS), drones, homeland security, etc, providing situational awareness under various circumstances.

Key Features:

  • 35km Detection Range
  • 4.2kg Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Flexible Zooming Ability Ensuring Fast Change of Focal Length
  • Fixed f/5.5 Aperture Maintained at Full Zoom Range
  • Maintained Focus at Full Zoom Range
  • Diffraction-limited MTF
  • Reliable Optical Performance


Exceptional 35km Detection Range:

Embark on a new era of surveillance with an astounding 35km detection range. Our lenses extend your reach, ensuring that the entire landscape is under watch. From expansive perimeters to critical infrastructure, experience unmatched situational awareness.

Ultra-Lightweight, Compact Design (4.2kg):

Power meets portability! Our lenses are engineered for convenience, weighing in at a mere 4.2kg. The compact design ensures easy integration into your surveillance system without compromising on performance.

Flexible Zooming for Rapid Focal Length Changes:

Adapt to evolving scenarios on the fly with our flexible zooming ability. Smooth transition between focal lengths, capturing wide-angle overviews and extreme close-ups without missing a beat. 

Fixed f/5.5 Aperture Throughout Zoom Range:

Our lenses maintain a fixed f/5.5 aperture across the entire zoom range, ensuring optimal performance in all lighting conditions. Whether in broad daylight or low-light scenarios, capture crisp and clear thermal imagery with confidence.

Maintained Focus at Full Zoom Range:

Say goodbye to the hassles of refocusing. Our lenses boast maintained focus throughout the full zoom range, delivering precision and clarity at every level. No matter how far you zoom in, the details remain razor-sharp.

Diffraction-limited MTF: 

With diffraction-limited Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), experience images that are impeccably detailed, free from optical aberrations.

Reliable Optical Performance:

Our thermal camera lenses guarantee consistent and reliable optical performance. Built to withstand the rigors of surveillance in any environment, these lenses are your steadfast companions in critical applications.

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with Shalom EO‘s’ 90mm to 1100mm f/5.5 Continuous Zoom MWIR Thermal Camera Lenses for Cooled Detectors – where precision, adaptability, and reliability converge. Redefine your surveillance standards with us.