Miniature Capacitive Sensors from Locon Sensors

Featured Product from Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

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Miniature Capacitives

· Adhesive, cylindrical, wafer styles available

· Sensing distance adjustable on the amplifier

· Cylindrical units from Ø2mm

· Wafer units from Ø10mm and with varying thicknesses

These capacitive sensors suit the smallest locations. Three styles are available-adhesive, wafer, and cylindrical. The adhesive sensor is flexible up to 15 degrees around a circular object. The wafer sensor is the size of a thick coin and ideal for situations when overall length is a problem. The cylindrical sensors are available in smooth and threaded versions (up to M8). All of these sensors require an external amplifier to power the sensing unit. Please inquire about customized units for your specialized project needs.