Hydraulic Cylinder Port Stud

Featured Product from Nelson Fastener Systems

Our stud-weldable 1-piece port stud eliminates leaks, saves labor & money!

  • produced from the forging process that created directional grain flow for added strength
  • near net shape minimizes scrap, reduces cost
  • eliminated brazed joint - eliminates potential for leaks
  • certified hydrostatic testing to 20,000 psi
  • formed in a die cavity, yielding close tolerances for better fit to weld gun accessories

Configured to: O-ring fitting studs* & face seal** fitting studs - SAE J1453 (*ORB, **ORFS), 37° flare fitting studs - SAE J514, pipe thread fitting studs - National Pipe Threads (NPT)

Why Use the Nelson® Port Stud Over the Others?

  • Competitive offerings are still 2 components, brazed together, creating a potential leak point
  • Manufacturers are increasing operating pressures, putting the brazed joint more at risk
  • OEM's can eliminate hydraulic pressure testing in the assembly area with a 1-piece port stud - saving time & money!
  • The part is labor intensive resulting in a higher cost