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As an experienced solutions partner, PIC Wire & Cable offers a broad selection of specialized coaxial, triaxial, high speed data, microwave and custom cable options. This includes 50 ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, 75 ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, ethernet cable, video cable, 24 awg data bus cable, high frequency cable, composite av cable and application specific cables, including IFE, RF, TCAS and USB cables. PIC's High Temperature Wire & Cable are designed for low loss transmission and to operate in even the most harsh environments.

Check out our product lines under the PICMATES® family name:

    • PIC RFMATES are 50 ohm Radio Frequency wire solutions, both coaxial and triaxial, that are widely specified for use in Navigation, Collision Avoidance and Communications systems.
    • PIC VideoMATES are 75 ohm video wire solutions, both coaxial and triaxial, focused on these applications: Cockpit Displays, Surveillance Cameras, Cabin Entertainment, RS170 Video, SMPTE 292M Video, SMPTE 424M Video, and High Definition Video
    • PIC DataMATES are high speed data communications wire solutions with four tailored tiers addressing applications including: Ethernet Communications Backbone, Ground Vehicle Bus, Cabin Management, In-Flight Entertainment, Avionics Networks.
    • PIC MicroMATES are high frequency wire solutions designed specifically to serve Ku Band and X Band applications, provide high bandwidth for data and support satellite communications.
    • IFE System Cables PIC manufactures a wide variety of In-Flight Entertainment aircraft cables and cable assemblies for use in the cockpit and the cabin. Our low loss, high temperature RF, Video, USB, Composite and Ethernet Cables & Wires are perfect for all types of TV's, Stereo's, Monitors, Computers, Communication Systems and other Multimedia Devices.
    • Aircraft Antenna Cable All PIC aircraft antenna cables have multiple shields of tinned copper braid with 95% minimum coverage. They are Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meet the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F; comply with MIL-C-27500 as applicable.

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