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Robust TVS Diode -1001057-SMDJ22A-HR

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Discover the Littelfuse SMDJ22A-HR, a top-tier transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS) designed for general-purpose circuit protection. This Zener diode, part of the SMDJ-HR series, is characterized by its outstanding features and applications.

Key Features:

  • Peak Pulse Power: 3000W (3kW)
  • Voltage - Reverse Standoff: 22V
  • Voltage - Breakdown: 24.4V
  • Voltage - Clamping: 35.5V (Max) @ Ipp
  • Current - Peak Pulse (10/1000µs): 84.5A
  • Package Type: DO-214AB, SMC (Tape & Reel)
  • Temperature Range - Operating: -65°C to 150°C

Applications: Ideal for a wide range of applications, the SMDJ22A-HR is a unidirectional TVS diode suitable for general-purpose circuit protection. Its high peak pulse power and reliable voltage clamping make it a robust choice for safeguarding electronic circuits against transient voltage events.

Why Choose SMDJ22A-HR?

  • High Peak Pulse Power: With a remarkable 3kW peak pulse power, this TVS diode ensures robust protection against transient surges.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operating seamlessly from -65°C to 150°C, the SMDJ22A-HR performs reliably in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Compact and Convenient: Packaged in a space-efficient DO-214AB (SMC) form factor, it is ideal for surface-mount applications.
  • Versatile General-Purpose Protection: Suited for a variety of electronic devices and circuits, providing a reliable shield against voltage spikes.

Enhance the resilience of your circuits with the Littelfuse SMDJ22A-HR TVS diode – a trusted solution for dependable and high-performance circuit protection.

  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse, Inc.
  • Supplier Part Number: SMDJ22A-HR
  • Package: DO-214AB, SMC
  • ECCN: EAR99
  • MSL Level: 1 (Unlimited)
  • HTSUS: 8541.10.0080
  • Other Names: -SMDJ22A-HR