Hangzhou X-mag Inc.

X-mag has prototyping facilities and our engineers are supported by our sophisticated manufacturing team to prototype many types of magnetic materials. Read more...

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PIDSO - Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH

PIDSO RF & Radar Engineer Stefan Pratschner & Electronics Engineer Christina Zimmermann share their insights on cost efficient antenna & RF component prototyping & small batch production by the means of additive manufacturing. They adress current and future trends as well as the drawbacks of different AM methods whilst also focusing on the special requirements for AM in R... Read more...

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ITW Medical

ITW Medical unites two strong medical products brands, Coeur and Filtertek.

From prototype to production, we are your global partner for standard and custom fluid management, flow control and filtration components. Learn how we can help you develop innovative, quality and low-cost medical device solutions at ITWMedical.com. Read more...

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ITW Medical

Technical & Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

ITW Medical has been awarded more than 40 patents and 28 510Ks for design and manufacturing of filtration, flow control and fluid management components. Our engineers and manufacturing staff strive to deliver innovative thinking tht keeps products and processes on the cutting edge of technology. ITW Medical is also able to apply paten... Read more...

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Protomatic, Inc.

Prototyping is a great way to ensure parts are always made exactly as needed in aerospace manufacturing. However, this requires consistency and dependability from the manufacturer, and Protomatic is the company for the job. Our extensive experience and capabilities have made us the go-to decision for prototyping in the aerospace industry. Read more...

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Acrolab Ltd.

We have the ability to work within any industry on an individual basis or with a team of specialists. From original design to final output; Acrolab can do it all.

After Acrolab has completed the proof of concept, R & D, design and prototyping of your thermal related application, we can carry it to short run or full run production.

The technology transfer c...

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Budnick Converting, Inc.

Engineering and developing new products is never easy, and many times your original part design is not the optimal solution. To assist your efforts in developing new parts, quickly getting them to market, and saving money, your Budnick team offers extensive prototyping services to ensure your pre-production engineering concept is perfect. Read more...

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Advanced Powder Products, Inc.

Maximize your investment by testing and qualifying your parts in real MIM alloys. Ideal for low volume and initial product validation, ProtoMIM® acts as a bridge tool while your production tool is in design and build.

This rapid prototype option is especially useful during the early stages of validation and when volumes are less than 1,000 parts. Since there is no initial tool... Read more...

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Acrolab Ltd.


To compliment our design expertise and offer clients tangible value, the Acrolab team can transform concepts into partial or full-scale working prototypes, whether from an original concept or an existing product needing modification. With an experienced and well-equipped production facility, we can provide anything from a proof-of-concept to a finished prototype versio... Read more...

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