NKK Switches


NKK offers an extensive selection of Illuminated rocker switches in various sizes, ratings, and terminations to allow for virtually unlimited configurations. Ultra-subminiature to standard and high capacity, process sealed options are available. NKK illuminated rocker switches feature a multitude of vibrant LED, neon, and incandescent illumination o... Read more...

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Waytek, Inc.

Switches—whether they're toggles or rockers, push-button or disconnect—are found in every 12-volt electrical system, doing everything from turning on lights to moderating critical systems. To understand the basics of electrical switches, you must first understand the circuitry inside, then be able to discern the differences between different types of switches. Here's a crash... Read more...

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Sensata Technologies

The AR5 Analog Rocker from DeltaTech Controls® has been developed to provide the reliability required in demanding environments - such as dashboards or armrest controls - for heavy-duty industrial and off-road applications. The unique design makes the rocker module an ideal proportional function solution for off-road machinery for cost-effective custom designs. Read more...

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