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Waytek, Inc. -  Get Your Free Waytek Catalog!

Waytek's new product catalog is now available, containing insightful product guides, 6,500+ items, dimensions, details, applications, and resources to find the right part for your needs. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Automotive Switching Basics

Switches—whether they're toggles or rockers, push-button or disconnect—are found in every 12-volt electrical system, doing everything from turning on lights to moderating critical systems. To understand the basics of electrical switches, you must first understand the circuitry inside, then be able to discern the differences between different types of switches. Here's a crash... (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Handling Battery Switching & Circuit Protection

For the first time, a rotary battery switch and a resettable circuit breaker have been combined into a single product, the Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker from Mechanical Products.

Ideal for use in the marine, RV, truck and heavy equipment industries, the MP Series 53 brings the advantages of a smaller footprint, quicker installation, lower cost, and user convenience. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - A Basic Guide to Circuit Breaker Types

Circuit breakers are increasingly being used instead of fuses for transportation equipment of all types. Circuit breakers have many virtues: They're more durable, they're easier to reset and replace, and they can be ordered in types and sizes that work in most places where fuses would be used on vehicles. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Waytek & Amphenol Sine Systems New Partnership

Amphenol Sine Systems and electrical components distributor Waytek have formalized a partnership to distribute a full line of interconnect products. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Simplifying Circuit Protection & PowerDistribution

Next-generation power distribution models, called hard-wired boxes, streamline circuit protection and power distribution with features that support easier installation and maintenance as well as protect against premature failure. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Fuses 101: What You Need to Know

While circuit breakers are becoming more prominent in 12-volt system design, the fuse remains a common, and useful, technology. If you're not up on your fuses, here's an overview of where they fit into automotive circuit protection. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Cool Way to Charge & Isolate an Auxiliary Battery

InPower has introduced a cool (literally) and efficient new product with its new ABS3 Solid State Programmable Auxiliary Battery Switch.

The ideal solution for charging and isolating an auxiliary battery from a vehicle’s chassis battery and alternator, the ABS3 uses solid-state contactor technology and ultra-cool, heat-dissipating power terminal technology. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - mVEC Power Distribution from Eaton

EATON recently expanded their offering of mVECs to include 24V relay options, offering more network oversight for high power circuits. EATON ‘s Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC) offers economical CAN network oversight for high-power circuits in vehicle power distribution. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Bussmann Series Power Modules from Eaton

EATON ‘s Bussmann Series 37700 offers both a Power Relay Module (PRM) and a Power Fuse Module (PFM). Bussmann power relay and fuse modules feature a compact design for high current applications in various fields. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - BMZ Series Fuse Holders & ZCASE Fuses - Littelfuse

BMZ Series (Battery Mount ZCASE) fuse holders allow you to mount fusing directly to a top post-style battery terminal without any need for additional mounting hardware. The BMZ series accepts the proprietary Littelfuse ZCASE fuses that are available in 40-600A ratings with similar characteristics to the MEGA fuse series. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - J1939 Splitters from Trombetta

Long, confusing J1939 harnesses are a thing of the past. Trombetta J1939 splitters collectively power your devices and clean up your systems effectively, saving you time and money. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Sure Ejectâ„¢ Series from Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems Sure Eject™ series automatic AC disconnects feature a time saving automatic ejection system that is cost effective and protects your equipment. The Sure Eject™ charging system is ignition triggered so when the vehicle is turned on the power cord will automatically be disconnected, protecting your electrical system. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC) from Littelfuse

The Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC series) from Littelfuse is a configurable power distribution module suitable for handling the many electrical circuits found on heavy-duty commercial vehicles. With reliable, 100% electrically tested power distribution, the FLEC Series PDM is the ideal solution for your application. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Defender Series DC Contactors from Trombetta

The temperature and vibration challenging Defender Series from Trombetta provides a robust and economical power solution for a variety of applications. Trombetta DC Contactors meet the demands of mobile equipment used in extreme operating conditions and provide excellent shock and vibration resistance. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Data Bus Throttle (DBT) Series from InPower

InPOWER’s DBT series control modules provide high idle engine RPM control in a compact plug and play design. This easy-to-install, low-cost module provides your vehicle with high idle and power take-off (PTO) when and how it is needed. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - APEX 2.8mm Series Connectors from Aptiv

The APEX 2.8mm connectors from Aptiv (formerly Delphi) are the most compact, reliable and rugged sealed connector series in the automotive industry. The robust design is ideal for harsh environments, including vibration, temperature extremes and moisture. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Short Stop Circuit Breakers from Blue Sea Systems

Marine grade short stop circuit breakers from Blue Sea Systems are designed with corrosion resistant materials and an IP64 rated water-resistant boot that protects against dust and splashing water. These circuit breakers are able to take the place of fuses in a circuit to help eliminate the issue of blown fuses. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Guest On-Board Battery Chargers from Marinco

The new generation of Guest ChargePro™ On-Board Battery Chargers from Marinco are designed to provide optimum charging performance, extended battery life, and a better battery display that indicates the status of each bank through the charging process. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Multipurpose Automotive Tapes from Tesa Tape

As a worldwide leading adhesive tape manufacturer, Tesa produces automotive tapes with tough abrasion resistance, flexibility, and high-quality adhesive technology ideal for use in a variety of wire harnessing applications. Discover the potential of Tesa in their variety of automotive tape solutions. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - How to Choose the Right Battery Cable

The battery cable is among the most important components in a battery management system. High quality battery cables will help ensure you have power and avoid battery drain—but only if they are properly sized, installed and maintained.

There are two things you must absolutely double-check when selecting your battery cables. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers from Eaton

EATON‘s Series 184 and 185 surface mount circuit breakers provide high amperage circuit protection where panel mounting can be difficult. These surface mount circuit breakers provide a manual reset and reliable circuit protection all in one unit. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - CNNE, CNL, CNN Series Fuses from Littelfuse

The compact CNNE, CNN, and CNL series bolt-down fuses from Littelfuse® are ideal for use with battery operated lift trucks and mechanical equipment. All fuses are RoHS compliant and lead free with a fuse status window so you know when fuses need to be replaced. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Solid-State Solenoid Switch from Littelfuse

Waytek is now stocking the 85A Standard Solid-State Solenoid Switch by Cole Hersee - a Littelfuse brand. Manufactured with solid-state technology, there are no moving parts to wear out allowing for increased service life. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Solid State Disconnect Switch from Data Panel

When solving issues for critical, high current, high cycle applications, in a cold environment, rely on the Solid State Battery Disconnect Switches from Data Panel. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - MIDI Power Distribution Fuse Holders - Littelfuse

The Littelfuse MDB series MIDI power distribution fuse holders provide a waterproof, dust proof, internally bussed fuse holder designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Built for near-the-battery applications as well as for use in exposed locations, the MDB series fuse holders are ideal for use in construction, agriculture, and high amperage vehicles. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - SGR Battery Cable

Waytek now offers a new line of highly flexible EPDM jacketed battery cable. The combination of a high strand count as well as a flexible EPDM jacket allows the cable to be routed around sharper bends than our standard battery cable. SGR battery cable is perfect for applications in automotive, grounding, lighting, tool and any motor vehicle equipment. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Solid State Disconnect Switch from InPower

The SSC 42 series solid state disconnect switch has a low profile solid state design in a compact size. This solid state switch is a popular choice amongst emergency vehicle manufacturers with the ability to disconnect battery power from module loads such as emergency lights, flood lights, loading lights and more. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Forward & Reverse Relay Module from Littelfuse

The forward and reverse relay module is ideal for tarp or lift applications. It can also be used on hoist, hatches, winches, snowplows, intake/exhaust fans, vehicle outriggers, and other reversing applications. When the appropriate control circuit is energized with a pulse it will reverse the direction of the motor. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Marine Rated Circuit Breakers from Eaton

EATON continues to bring you powerful circuit protection with U.S. Coast Guard approved, ABYC certified Bussmann Series 187 marine rated circuit breakers. Series 187 circuit breakers are ideal for use in DC power systems in the marine industry, truck and bus systems, RV systems and lift gates. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Self-Cutting Cable Ties from Ancor

Save yourself time and frustration by switching to the self-cutting cable ties from Waytek. These cable ties include a small stainless steel blade that provides a quick, clean cut eliminating the need for other tools. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Momentary Push-Button Switches from Littelfuse

Littelfuse's heavy-duty momentary push-button switches feature a cylindrical die-cast construction ensuring a longer switch life even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Sure Power Series Trail Charger from Eaton

The Sure Power Trail Charger is designed to counteract voltage loss over long runs of wire by stepping up the voltage at the end of a trailer, working to keep liftgate battery banks fully charged and ready for their next lift. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Sure Power Battery Separators from Eaton

EATON ‘s Sure Power 12V battery separators are designed as a solenoid priority system for multi-battery applications. Battery separators prioritize the primary battery, charging the battery fully before isolating it and continuing to charge any back-up batteries. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Rotary Reversing Switch from Littlefuse

The heavy-duty rotary reversing switch from Cole Hersee – A Littelfuse brand allows forward and reverse motion of a motor without the need for a relay. This switch is manufactured to keep your systems running in the most extreme environments. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Severe Service Vehicle Electrical Center - Eaton

EATON's severe service vehicle electrical center (ssVEC) features unequaled power distribution in an IP66 compliant enclosure. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Hard-Wired Power Distribution from Littelfuse

Every year, electrification requirements for commercial vehicles keep increasing and growing more complex, with a lot of designs outgrowing their primary PDMs. To bridge the gap between theses PDMs and inline fuse holders, Littelfuse developed the hard-wired box series as a compact solution. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Lighted Thermal Circuit Breakers from MP

Mechanical Products Series 24 lighted thermal circuit breakers have a multi-functional design allowing for enhanced flexibility in its application. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Battery Switches from Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems e-series, m-series, and HD-series battery switches are simple to install, easy to use, and have a high-quality aesthetic design. Various style and selector options are available in each featured series, including Dual Circuit Plus™ for simplifying switching needs. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Flex MIDI & MEGA Fuse Holders from Littelfuse

The Flex MIDI and Flex MEGA fuse holders by Littelfuse are perfect for simplifying your next project. These fuse holders offer a flexible cover which allows cable entry from any direction, use of larger wire sizes, and the ability to easily stack ring terminals. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Step-up and Step-down Converters from Eaton

EATON continues to provide regulated power with their 10A and 20A Sure Power converters. Provide quick and easy regulated power to either an accessory or a main load. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Rear Terminal Mini Fuse and Relay Panel

Eaton's rear terminal mini fuse and relay panel provides efficient power distribution for applications in marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking and specialty vehicles. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Full Silver Powerseal Contactor for Harsh Environments

The Full Silver Powerseal Contactor by Trombetta is the first contactor designed specifically for electric vehicles and applications requiring resistance to tough environmental conditions. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Series 17 Recessed Button Circuit Breakers from MP

Mechanical Products has expanded their series 17 circuit breakers to meet the demands of compact spaces in vehicle compartments. The recessed trip button allows manufacturers to manually trip the circuit breaker making them ideal for use in applications where access needs to be restricted to maintenance and service personnel. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - MXP120 Sealed Connector System from Molex

The MXP120 sealed connection system from Molex offers greater cost and space savings while providing superior design and mating features to meet the needs of environmentally challenging automotive applications. This series features an independent locking mechanism with an audible click to confirm terminals are correctly locked into position. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - Ignition Protected Relays from Picker Components

All relays are not created equal! Relays can look very similar on the outside, but design, materials, and construction make a significant difference in reliability and safety. Available in all common footprints, from Mini ISO to Micro ISO 280, you are guaranteed to find an ignition protected relay for your application. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - MiniFlec & EPC Series PDMs from Littelfuse

Designed for the commercial vehicle industry, the MiniFLEC Series and EPC Series Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) hold a dense concentration of high-power circuits. These PDMs accept plug-in devices like automotive fuses, diodes, and relays, which aid in the protection and control of complex electrical systems. (read more)

Waytek, Inc. - How to Choose Between: Relay, Solenoid & Contactor

Relays, solenoids, and contactors are all switches—whether electro-mechanical or solid state—but there are critical differences that make each suitable for different applications. In this article, we will explain how each of these devices work and discuss some key selection considerations. (read more)