ARC Systems, Inc.

Brushless DC Motors ideal for applications such as oil drilling, pumps, industrial, aerospace, and robotics. Motors are environmentally protected and ideal for a variety of applications where hazardous conditions such as fumes or particles may be present. We have thousands of custom designs that can be tailored to your application. Read more...

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Portescap 35GLT RoHS-compliant motors have a 35mm housing and weigh just 360 grams, while delivering a 40% increase in torque-to-volume ratio when compared with standard iron core motors of similar frame size. Read more...

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Baida Applicate Co., Ltd.

Output: Approx 10W-80W

Typical Applications:

Cordless Power Tool

Drill & Screwdriver

We can design and produce other specification product according to customer demand. Read more...

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Groschopp, Inc.

When it comes to providing a reliable and cost effective product, Groschopp's quality ensured fractional HP motors can provide the best of both worlds. That's why when an OEM of automated smoke curtains designed to prevent smoke from traveling elevators shafts during a fire required a compact, right angle gearmotor, creating a reliable motor was Groschopp's top concern. Read more...

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Groschopp, Inc.

Customers can work with our engineering department to create a blank-sheet motor design for their application. This is ideal for high-volume applications with specific motor requirements not covered by a standard motor design. For some situations it can be more cost effective to start from scratch than to make modifications. Custom motor projects may require the customer to provide or pu... Read more...

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