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Everlube Products - We meet your toughest performance specifications

Because Everlube Products is the complete product resource for engineered coatings, we can help shorten your design time and ensure that you receive the best quality product. It's what you expect from a leader! (read more)

Everlube Products - Our coatings can help solve design challenges!

Identifying engineering problems and developing coating solutions is what we do best. We apply the same type of creative thinking to develop engineering coatings to meet your toughest performance specifications. (read more)

Everlube Products - Solid film coatings/lubricants for Aerospace

Everlube Products' solid film lubricants and corrosion-resistant coatings are used on military weapons, delivery systems, vehicles and aircraft. Our coatings and processes meet numerous Mil Spec and aerospace requirements (read more)

Everlube Products - Ever-Slik for outstanding corrosion resistance

Along with its excellent corrosion resistance, Ever-Slik 1201 is ideal for applications where an abrasion resistant coating is needed. Ever-Slik 1201 also offers excellent barrier protection from harsh chemicals and solvents.

Semiconductor, Medical, Chemical Processing, Automotive (read more)

Everlube Products - Low VOC Coatings

Our substantial product line offers a wide selection of solid film lubricants, many of which that are qualified to Military, OEM, and standard industrial specifications. (read more)

Everlube Products - Corrosion protection for automotive applications

In addition to the extensive use of solid film lubricants on a variety of fasteners, the automotive industry uses our products on bearings, locking mechanisms, hinges and seat belt components, and other moving parts to improve their performance (read more)

Everlube Products - Industrial coatings for the medical industry

Everlube Products' offers a wide variety of coatings for the medical industry that solve unique performance problems dealing with binding, durability, fluid resistance, stiction, corrosion, and lubricity. (read more)

Everlube Products - Coatings designed to provide EMI/RFI shielding

Everlube Products offers several coatings designed to provide EMI/RFI shielding attenuation and electrostatic discharge (ESD) functionality for the Electronic Industry. (read more)

Everlube Products - Low VOC PTFE based solid film lubricant

Everlube 9500 is a low VOC PTFE based solid film lubricant with a high molecular weight epoxy binder system. This coating provides excellent abrasion resistance, very good corrosion, chemical resistance and performs best in lighter load carrying applications

Medical, Semiconductor, Fabricated Metal Parts, Fasteners, Chemical Processing (read more)

News articles and press releases for Everlube Products:


Everlube® Products, a leader in supplying solid film lubricant technology to the aerospace industry, and Tecsia Lubricants, a leading supplier of industrial lubricants, have established a global distribution agreement.


Everlube Products is pleased to announce the qualification of Everlube 9002 to Pratt & Whitney specification PWA 36204.


Everlube® Products has responded to the feedback from our customers and will now be stocking Perma-Slik GLF aerosols as a standard product. Perma-Slik GLF Aerosol is in stock and ready to fill your order.