Automotive Applications Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules

Heavy Duty LCD Display -- Model ELD-01
from HydraForce, Inc.

The ELD-01 Series display is a monochrome, transfl ective graphical information display capable of displaying real-time operating information through two communication data links. Examples of some of the parameters that can be monitored are: temperature, motor speed, cylinder position, and flow. The... [See More]

  • Features / Applications: Automotive Applications; Built-in Controller; Serial Interface Option
  • Technology: Transflective Display
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Width: 119
Auto LCD Display
from LG Display Co., Ltd.

Best Display for Smart Car. LG Display provides the smart infotainment to drivers and passengers with AH-IPS featuring high resolution, high luminance and wide viewing angle which is the display standard smart car trend. [See More]

  • Features / Applications: Automotive Applications
  • Technology: AMLCD; AH-IPS (Advanced High performance IPS)