Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules

TFT Display Module -- ASI-T-10101A2L6/W
from All Shore Industries

Applications: Digital equipment which need display, instrumentation, remote control, electronic product. [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Viewing Area Width: 217
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Viewing Area Height: 135
Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic -- 104990054-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

2.7'' E-PAPER PANEL [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Viewing Area Width: 38.19
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Viewing Area Height: 57.29
from RS Components, Ltd.

The PaPiRus displays are a family of HATs for use with our range of Raspberry Pi products. The HATs are available in three different sized ePaper displays â €" small (1.44 in), medium (2.0 in) and large (2.7 in). There is also a multipack containing one of each size. ePaper displays were... [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
Display, Color, LCD, 6.4" Diag., 320 # 234, 12 V, NTSC/PAL -- 70156994 [AND-TFT-64PA from Automotive Navigation Data (AND)]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

960 x 234 Pixel Count, LCD Color Monitor Display. Active matrix color TFT video monitors that range from 2.5" to 6.4" diagonal with CCFL and white LED backlights. These amorphous-silicon (a-Si) LCDs are primarily QVGA pixel resolution. These parts typically will accept a NTSC, PAL, VGA, analog RGB... [See More]

  • Technology: AMLCD; TFT
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 158
Flat Panel LCD Displays -- AM-1024600E1TMQW-T00
from AMP Display Inc.

7 inch Amorphous-TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) module. This module is composed of a 7" TFT-LCD panel, LED backlight. [See More]

  • Technology: AMLCD; TFT
  • Width: 105
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Height: 166
TFT LCD Monitor Control Board -- CEX100X1-DS-AB
from Computer Express L.L.C.

â € ¢ VGA~XGA TFT LCD (TTL/LVDS Interface) â € ¢ Analog RGB Input â € ¢ H: 31 ~ 61kHz â € ¢ V: 55 ~ 76Hz [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
TFT Module -- Model T1212C01WR01
from Crystal Clear Technology USA

Built-in booster, digital interface, white LED backlight, 1.56" screen size [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Number of Dots Per Character (WxH, Dots): 16384
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Width: 34.67
10.4" Programmable LCD Module -- ezLCD-101
from EarthLCD, a division of Earth Computer Technologies, Inc.

Specifications. Full ezLCD Command Set. 10.4" 640x480, 18 bit Color TFT LCD, capable of 242,144 simultaneous colors. 400 Nits. Integrated Resistive Touch Screen. Embedded LCD Controller. Full Speed USB 2.0 Interface 480Mbits/s (via USB connector). Serial (true-RS232), I2c Interface, and SPI. [See More]

  • Technology: AMLCD; TFT
  • Features / Applications: Built-in Controller; Computer Applications
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
Wachendorff Full Featured Display Units -- Opus A3F
from HydraForce, Inc.

The Opus A3F and A3S Wachendorff display units are cost-efficient, rugged operator control panels for use on heavy-duty vehicles and work machines that must operate outdoors in harsh conditions. They are fully equipped with an encoder, three hard and eight soft-function keys, integrated buzzer,... [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Viewing Angle: Plus or Minus 50 Degrees
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Width: 198
from Newark, An Avnet Company

ACTIVE MATRIX FULL COLOR TFT DISPLAY; Backlighting Color:White; LCD Display Type:TFT; Pixel Size (H x W):360µm x 120µm; Display Mode:Transmissive; Interface Type:Serial, Parallel; Viewing Area (H x W):86.4mm x 115.2mm [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Viewing Area Width: 115
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Viewing Area Height: 86.4
Industrial LCD
from Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas

Whether you are looking for a rugged, industrial-grade TFT LCD from our stock line-up, a display with premium out-of-the-box performance under Sharp warranty, or a specialized multi-touch PCAP or High-Brightness value-added solution, we aim to meet both your specifications and budgetary... [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Viewing Area Width: 53.64 to 521
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Viewing Area Height: 63.9 to 353
TFT Display -- SCA01810-TFN-LNN
from Shelly Associates, Inc.

Shelly TFT LCD displays offer high contrast and high brightness optical characteristics and are available with or without touch panel (touch screens). Our TFT LCD display products can be customized to enhance back-light brightness as well as sun light readability. We take great pride in our... [See More]

  • Technology: TFT
  • Width: 34.7
  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Height: 47