Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors Datasheets

Radial Piston Motors -- KM11 - KM110 Series
from jbj Techniques Limited

These hydraulic motors have a high starting torque, ideal for instance, for safe operation of the heavy gates on the material lock in a nuclear power plant or to hand over the weighty coils in a rolling mill. Due to the low amount of revolving mass, the rotational direction can be quickly changed a... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Radial Piston
  • Operating Speed: 750 to 3000
  • Operating Torque: 186 to 1965
  • Operating Pressure: 2031 to 2321
Radial Piston Motors
from Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Rexroth MCR radial piston motors are slow-running mobile hydraulics motors that provide dependable hydrostatic power using the multiple-stroke principle, optimizing the relationship between roll diameter and cam profile inside the central hydraulic power unit. Result: The best possible balance of... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Radial Piston
  • Operating Speed: 570 to 875
  • Operating Torque: 20354 to 150442
  • Operating Pressure: 4350 to 6525
Radial Piston Motors
from Eaton Hydraulics Group

Radial Piston Motors. Hydre-MAC is a low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive radial piston motor – featuring a cam lobe design – for variable speed industrial applications. Features. Displacement: 12,000 cc/rev to 50,000 cc/rev. Power: up to 900kw. Max. Pressure – 350 bar. Rated... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Radial Piston
  • Operating Pressure: 5076
  • Operating Torque: 2.48E6
  • Power: 1206
High Torque Radial Piston Motors -- MR Series
from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics / Hydraulic Pump Division

These radial piston fixed displacement hydraulic motors have been specifically engineered for high mechanical and volumetric efficiency over a wide range of speed and torque. MR motors are combined into 11 different frame sizes, corresponding to 41 standard displacements available, from 33 cc/rev to... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Radial Piston
  • Operating Pressure: 3046 to 6092
  • Operating Speed: 60 to 1300