Fully Covered Discharge Needle Ionizers and Static Eliminators

Static Eliminating Blower -- SJ-F

Automatically Detects Ion Levels without an Additional SensorLarge Coverage Range, Powerful Air OutputFast Static EliminationAutomatically maintain high precision ion balances of +/- 5V with ICC control. A built-in 7kV power supply adds safety and ease of installation, while increased ionizing... [See More]

  • Features: Fully Covered Discharge Needle; Includes Filter; Microcontroller Controlled; Quiet Operation; Replaceable Emitter; Alarm Outputs, LED Indicators
  • Length: 9.92 to 22.91
  • Ionizer type: Benchtop; Ceiling Emitter; Blower
  • Width: 4.53 to 5.31
Neutralizer Refinishing Gun -- P-2021-Z705
from NRD, LLC

The Neutralizer ™ was designed specifically as an antistatic refinishing gun for the auto body, boat building and furniture industries. It neutralizes static charges as it removes dust and dirt, allowing for a superior product in the end. [See More]

  • Features: Fully Covered Discharge Needle; Replaceable Emitter
  • Emitter material: Stainless Steel
  • Ionizer type: Blow Off Gun
Cleanroom IonBar™ -- 6701-9
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Provides a continuous stream of static-neutralizing ions to protect sensitive materials against ESD. Enhances cleanliness by neutralizing charges that attract and hold particles on wall, tabletops and other surfaces. Attaches to cleanroom ceiling T-grid without disrupting the laminar flow in the... [See More]

  • Features: Fully Covered Discharge Needle; Includes Filter; Replaceable Emitter; Fan unit
  • Length: 24 to 48
  • Ionizer type: Ceiling Emitter; Ionizer Bar
  • Width: 24