Close-up Camera Lenses and Video Lenses Datasheets

Anamorphic Motion Picture Camera Lenses -- T Series
from Panavision, Inc.

T Series Anamorphic Lenses. The T Series lenses build on Panavision ’s long tradition of designing and developing high-quality anamorphic lenses for motion picture. They combine new optical layouts with mechanical advances from the G series, but have a larger sweet spot and focus closer than... [See More]

  • Specialty / Application: Closeup
  • Type: Variable; Fixed
  • Iris Control: Automatic DC Drive
  • Range: 28 to 425
5.3MM F/4.5 CCD Lens -- PTS-5M12
from Universe Kogaku (America) Inc.

Universe's CCD lens assemblies are ideal for your board and miniature camera applications. Standard lens assemblies are available in 2/3"-1/4" formats and a wide range of focal lengths. A sampling of stock focal lengths is included below. We also have pinhole CCD lenses for wide angle viewing. Our... [See More]

  • Specialty / Application: Pinhole; Closeup
  • Type: Fixed
  • Iris Control: Without Iris Control
  • Range: 5.3