Wide Angle Camera Lenses and Video Lenses Datasheets

from Clinton Electronics Corporation

5.0 ~ 50mm, F1.3, Auto Iris [See More]

  • Specialty / Application: Aspheric; WideAngle
  • Range: 3.6 to 18
  • Iris Control: Manual Iris Control
  • Minimum: 7.87
35mm SLR Fisheye Lens (22mm image)
from JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc.

This spherical fish-eye lens captures a 185-degree field of view in a 22 mm diameter circular image. The lens has very low f-Theta distortion and is used for full sky astrophotography, remote sensing and hemispherical imaging instruments. The lens is equipped with an adjustable (manual) iris and... [See More]

  • Specialty / Application: WideAngle; Full Sky Astrophotography
  • Type: Fixed
  • Iris Control: Manual Iris Control
  • Range: 7.45
Anamorphic Motion Picture Wide Angle Zoom Lenses -- AWZ2 Series
from Panavision, Inc.

Anamorphic Telephoto Zoom - ATZ. Anamorphic wide-angle zoom - AWZ2. Introduced in 2004, the Panavision AWZ2 is the first modern zoom lens to use anamorphic elements at the front of the lens. This is a T2.8, 40-80mm zoom with a close focus distance of 3 ¼ feet. The lens is 10 ½ inches... [See More]

  • Specialty / Application: WideAngle
  • Range: 37 to 85
  • Type: Variable
  • Minimum: 991