100X Electrical Test Probes Datasheets

Passive Probe
from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Part of Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' (CarlisleIT) full lineup of customizable interconnect solutions, the Passive Probe is a standard, commercial off-the-shelf system engineered to deliver consistent, repeatable and dependable results. The Passive Probe provides an industry-leading... [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 1X; 10X; 100X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage
  • Probe Configuration: Extended - Fine Tip; SpadeLug
Test Leads - Oscilloscope Probes -- 290-1051-ND [P250 from Test Products International, Inc. - TPI]
from Digi-Key Electronics

PROBE OSC 250MHZ X100 1.2M CABLE [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 100X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage
  • Bandwidth: 250
Oscilloscope Test Probe -- 90-100-2
from E-Z-HOOK

E-Z-Hook offers a variety of modular and monolithic oscilloscope probes that can be used with most any scope. [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 100X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Oscilloscope
  • Probe Configuration: Extended - Fine Tip
from RS Components, Ltd.

High voltage differential probe 50MHz - Oscilloscopes & Accessories - Oscilloscope Probes [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 10X; 100X
  • Bandwidth: 50
  • Probe Type: Differential; Oscilloscope; High Voltage; Differential, High Voltage
Air Coplanar® Probe Series -- ACP110-Am-GSG-xxx
from Cascade Microtech, Inc.

Excellent crosstalk characteristics [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 1X (optional feature); 10X (optional feature); 100X (optional feature); 20X
  • Probe Configuration: Pin and Socket
  • Probe Type: Current; Differential; HighFrequency
  • Bandwidth: 110000
High Frequency Probe -- Isoprobe® II - 100:1
from Multi-Contact USA

Our HFline product family includes BNC connectors, leads with RG58 or RG59 cable, fully insulated BNC panel-mount sockets, test probes and adapters for the transition between BNC systems and 2 or 4mm safety test accessories. All our BNC connectors are compatible with conventional BNC connectors,... [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 100X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: HighFrequency
  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip (optional feature); Extended - Fine Tip (optional feature); Hook (optional feature); Pincher (optional feature)
70 MHz 7000 V Differential Oscilloscope Probe 100:1/1000:1
from Pico Technology

This range includes high-voltage probes that extend the input range of your scope, and high-frequency probes that boost its input impedance for more accurate measurements. All active probes require a power supply or batteries. Our battery-powered probes are supplied complete with batteries, while... [See More]

  • Attenuation Factor: 100X; 1000X
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Probe Type: Oscilloscope
  • Probe Configuration: Hook