Humidity / Water Vapor Gas Generation Equipment

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Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator
from Environics, Inc.

The Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator is an exciting product from Environics with a tradition of over 25 years of use in the field. Units are specifically designed to generate accurate and repeatable moisture gas standards to your exact specifications. The standard configuration is a passive... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor
  • Output Flow Rate: 0.0100 to 20
Humidity Flow Generator -- HFG1
from MBW Calibration AG

The HFG1 allows users generate variable dew or frost point gas flows for the calibration of all types of hygrometers. It works by combining a dry gas supply with adjustable amounts of water vapor provided by an internal permeation humidifier. By adjusting the mixing ratio using the front panel... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor
Climate Chamber -- S-904
from PMC Engineering LLC

The S904 Climate Chamber generates a stable and accurate RH at various temperatures, permitting calibration and verification of relative humidity sensors and transmitters. With a chamber temperature range of +10 to +50 °C / +50 to +122 °F, a uniformity of ±0.1 °C / 0.02 °F and... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor
  • Relative Humidity: 10 to 90
  • Technology: Saturation and Drying Chambers
  • Inlet Temperature: 50 to 122
Calibration Gas Generator -- OVG-4
from Owlstone Inc.

The OVG-4 is a compact, cost effective calibration gas system, which generates high accuracy, NIST traceable calibration gas standards. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor; Chlorine Dioxide; Hydrogen; H2S (Sour Gas); Nitrogen; Organic Vapor; Oxygen; Full list available from supplier.
  • Output Flow Rate: 0.0500 to 0.5000
  • Technology: Diffusion through a permeation tube allows for a controlled rate of gas generation.
  • Outlet Pressure: ? to 10
Dew Point Generator -- G2
from RH Systems

The G2 produces highly accurate humidity values based on RH Systems' unique hybrid combination of the NIST proven "two-pressure" and "two-temperature" humidity generation techniques. It delivers a humidified gas stream, accurately controlled to a variety of user selectable humidity parameters such... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor
  • Output Flow Rate: 5 to 100
  • Technology: Two-Pressure Two-Temperature Hybrid Humidity
  • Outlet Pressure: 14.5 to 174