RAID 10 RAID Products Datasheets

NI HDD-8265 12-Drive, 12 TB, 2U, Cabled PCIe HDD Enclosure w/RAID -- 781446-01
from National Instruments

NI HDD-8265 external hard-drive redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) enclosures expand high-speed data streaming solutions from NI by offering higher data streaming rates and storage capacities. It includes a hardware RAID controller and a set of 12 either 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB 3.5 in. SATA... [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 5; 10; RAID 6
  • Transfer Rate: 750
  • Product Type: External RAID Controller; Array
  • Host Bus: PCI Express
RAID Controller Card -- 3ware SAS 9750-16i4e
from Avago Technologies

For dense server platforms needing host-based storage connectivity and data protection, the 3ware ® SAS 9750-16i4e 6Gb/s SATA+SAS RAID controller card has both internal and external ports. For demanding environments such as video editing and serving, StreamFusion ®+ technology balances data... [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 5; 10; 50; 6
  • Transfer Rate: 6000
  • Product Type: Bus-based RAID Controller
  • Host Bus: PCI Express® 2.0
R-STOR™ RAID Storage Sub-System -- NAS2600
from Cepoint Networks, LLC

S.M.A.R.T disk drive monitoring, hot-spare drive support [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 5; 10; JBOD
  • Host Bus: Gigabit NIC
  • Product Type: Array
  • Disk Channel: SATA
3U VPX RAID Controller Module -- Model VPX-5300
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

Features: Up to 8 SATA / SAS drives supported. Up to 3Gb/s drive transfer speed. Supports RAID 0,1 and 10. Rugged conduction and air cooled versions. Secure erase interface output to our VPX-5311 SATA drive module. Supports Windows, Linux and Solaris 10. Inquire about VxWorks support [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 10
Intel® Integrated RAID 2U Midplane1
from Intel Corporation

SAS Active Midplane1 with optional Intel ® Integrated Server RAID. Based on the LSI* 1078 RAID controller. For Intel ® Server Chassis SR2400 and SR2500. [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 10; 1E
  • Disk Channel: SATA
Adaptec 2045 RAID SATA/SAS RAID Controller - 128MB DDR2 -- 2260300-R
from Storage Galaxy

Supports 4 direct-attached or up to 128 SATA or SAS disk drives using SAS expanders. Quick initialization, Online Capacity Expansion. Copyback Hot Spare, Dynamic caching algorithm. Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Background initialization. Hot-plug drive support, RAID Level Migration. Hot spares... [See More]

  • RAID Level Supported: 0; 1; 10; JBOD
  • Host Bus: PCI Express x8
  • Transfer Rate: 300
  • Disk Channel: SATA