3X RF Frequency Multipliers

Frequency Multiplier -- CHX1191-98F/00 [CHX1191-98F from United Monolithic Semiconductors USA, Inc.]
from Richardson RFPD

The CHX1191-98 is a monolithic time three multiplier which integrates input and output buffer. [See More]

  • Multiplying Factor: 3X
  • Input: 4
  • Input Frequency Range: 11250 to 14500
  • Package Type: Chip
Active Multipliers -- DBS-0810X220
from L-3 Communications Narda Microwave - West

Superior fundamental and harmonic suppression, 2x multiplier [See More]

  • Multiplying Factor: 2X; 3X; 4X
  • Input Frequency Range: 4250 to 5250
  • Frequency Multiplier Type: Active
  • Package Type: Connectorized; DBX-6
Frequency Multiplier -- FX30 series
from Emhiser Research, Inc.

Reliability. All units are designed and constructed to meet or exceed specifications after exposure to any or all of the following MIL-STD-202 tests which are applicable. [See More]

  • Multiplying Factor: 3X
  • Input Frequency Range: 20 to 800
  • Frequency Multiplier Type: Active
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
Fixed TTL Frequency Tripler -- FMU3
from Data Delay Devices, Inc.

Features: Auto-insertable. Completely interfaced with TTL and DTL application. No external components required. PC board space economy achieved. Fits standard 14 pin DIP socket. [See More]

  • Multiplying Factor: 3X; Tripler
  • Input Frequency Range: 0.5000 to 30
  • Frequency Multiplier Type: Active
  • Package Type: Plugin