High Profile Stretch Wrappers Datasheets

Series 200 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers -- SW200H60
from Advance Lifts, Inc.

This series of stretch wrappers is designed to be used in medium to heavy duty applications using less expensive stretch wrap film. It is a feature rich machine which goes a long way toward automating the wrapping procedure and producing very consistent loads. GENERAL FEATURES. All steel... [See More]

  • Profile: High
  • RPM: 14
  • Type: Semi-automatic Rotary Table
  • Maximum Load: 6000
2-Station Platform Automatic Stretch Wrapper -- PA PLUS
from ARPAC

The ARPAC STRETCH PA-SERIES PLUS stretch wrapper is part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization. All ARPAC STRETCH equipment is constructed with heavy-duty reinforced structural steel and finished with... [See More]

  • Profile: High
  • RPM: 12
  • Type: Automatic Rotary Table
  • Options: Conveyor Supplied
Automatic Stretch Hooder -- LH-400 Series
from Bratney Companies

The LH-400 Series Stretch Hooder is a fully automatic. system designed to mechanically stretch and apply. a film hood to a pallet load. It allows for high-speed. hood covering of heavy or unstable loads with. consistent strength. In fact, basic capacities of up. to 110 loads per hour can be... [See More]

  • Profile: High
  • Maximum Load: 4400
  • Type: Stretch Hooder
  • Width: 56