Mechanical Height Gages Datasheets

Standard Measuring System -- LabMaster® : Model LMS 200
from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

Our highest accuracy and automated vertical measuring instrument can measure length and thickness with a push of a button. Our exclusive digital interferometer measures the dimension of the specimen by comparing the measurement probe position to the wavelength of a HeNe laser light source,... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0 to 8
  • Gage Type: Micrometer; Height Gage; Gaging System or Station; Digital Display
  • Resolution: 1.00E-7
Height Gauge -- GT-A10

General Purpose Digital Contact Sensor [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Electronic; Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0 to 0.3900
  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage; Dial / Analog / Direct Reading; Digital Display
  • Resolution: 1.20E-4
Incremental Length Gauges -- NT 12
from RSF Electronics, Inc.

Compact size, fast and easy installation, robust design [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: ? to 0.4724
  • Gage Type: Surface Gage; Height Gage
  • Resolution: 0.0500