Peracetic Acid Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters Datasheets

Process Monitor -- ChemView®
from Guided Wave, Inc.

No moving parts, ideal for safe, remote analysis, low cost/maintenance [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Peracetic Acid
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Measured Parameter: Cyanuric Acid
  • Local Interface: Digital Front Panel
Dual Channel Absorption Sensor -- AF26
from optek-Danulat, Inc.

The model AF26 is a dual channel absorption sensor designed for inline applications. It accurately measures color or color changes and can be used in a variety of industrial processes, from sanitary CIP/SIP applications to high-pressure, high-temperature industrial applications. [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Peracetic Acid
  • Measured Parameter: Total Chlorine
  • Measured Parameter: Ammonia
  • Measured Parameter: Free Chlorine