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LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle, Include 1 Year SSP -- 779324-35
from National Instruments

The NI LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle is a LabVIEW add-on that includes all the software you need to program your real-time machine vision applications for NI Embedded Vision Systems, NI Compact Vision Systems, and NI Smart Cameras. The bundle includes the following: - NI Vision... [See More]

  • Category: Development Software
Embedded Software Platforms and Tools -- Moxa Device Manager
from Moxa Inc.

Moxa Device Manager (MDM for short) is an easy-to-use remote management tool for managing Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers on the Internet. Moxa's embedded computers make excellent front-end computers at remote sites for onsite data collection and industrial control applications. Simply put,... [See More]

  • Category: Development Software
  • Features: Software Included
  • Manufacturer: Intel®
Synapse Portal
from Synapse Wireless

Synapse's Portal is an interactive, wireless application development environment that runs on Windows or Linux. Users develop applications using a syntax-highlighted Python editor to create scripts to wirelessly download into SNAP nodes. Portal supports a fast, real time view of your SNAP network,... [See More]

  • Category: Development Software
  • Ports: Serial Interface; Wireless
  • Supported System: Wireless Systems
  • Features: Software Included