Circuit Emulator Electronic Development Boards Datasheets

NI ELVIS for Teaching Energy Concepts -- 781360-01
from National Instruments

Teach fundamentals of solar cells, electrolysis, and hydrogen fuel cells. Complete integration with NI ELVIS II/II+ and NI LabVIEW. 15 prewritten lab experiments for quick setup and use. 2 solar cells, a fixed and an adjustable fuel cell, an electrolyzer and lux meter. Includes lamp available in 110... [See More]

  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Supported System: Power; Solar
  • Category: Developement Board
100G Development Kit
from Altera Corporation

Altera's 100G Development Kit, Stratix ® IV GT Edition enables a thorough evaluation of 100G designs by allowing you to: Support 10G/40G and 100G line interfaces through optical modules. Support applications requiring external memory interfaces, through 4x18 ADRII and 4x32 DDR3 memory banks. Use... [See More]

  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Supported System: FPGA
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Manufacturer: Altera
Evaluation Kit for 117A Rail to Rail Power Op Amp -- EVAL117
from Power Amp Design

The assembled evaluation kit includes a PCB, current limit resistor selection, terminal strips, bypass capacitors, protection diodes, cage jacks (pin sockets), bumpons and BNC input signal jack. The PCB can be mounted to a 35mm DIN rail using the included adaptors. The PCB includes sockets to... [See More]

  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Signal Type: Analog
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Supported System: Operational Amplifier
SNAP Bridge and End Drives -- SN111 End Device
from Synapse Wireless

The SN111 End Device provides a latching relay for controlling external devices, and a sensor input with jumper-selectable pullup resistors which allows the connection of a number of off-the-shelf resistive sensor types such as photocells and thermistors. [See More]

  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Signal Type: Analog; Digital
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Bus Width: 10-Bit; Other