Room Temperature Curing Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

High Viscosity, Rapid Curing Cyanoacrylate Adhesive -- MB297
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond MB297 is a high strength, rapid curing, ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive with a viscosity of 2,200-2,400 cps at room temperature. It offers reliable, cost effective bonding at room temperature with no mixing. Only contact pressure is required after application of the adhesive. Depending upon... [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Single Component; Reactive or Moisture Cured; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Form: Liquid
  • Features: Sealant
Aron Alpha Type 401EX, Series 400EX - Thermal, Impact Resistance, Slow Setting Time Ethyl -- AA872
from Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue (Toagosei America, Inc.)

Aron Alpha 400EX Series. Aron Alpha 400EX Series is suitable for vibrating areas such as motors and bearings. Featured characteristics are heat resistance up to + 250 °F and impact resistance. The fast curing speed lends itself to high speed assembly processes where handling strength is... [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Viscosity: 2
  • Form: Liquid
  • Gap Fill: 0.0080
Cyanoacrylate adhesive -- 10-3013R
from Epoxies Etc...

10-3013 is a medium viscosity, high molecular weight, instant setting cyanoacrylate adhesive. This newly engineered adhesive is low in odor, water clear, and bonds all major industrial substrates. 10-3013 is one component and therefore does not require any weighing or mixing of a curing agent. [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial
  • Substrate Compatibility: Metal; Plastic
  • Gap Fill: 0.0039
Instantbond™ Adhesive -- Grade 110
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Classic cyanoacrylates are represented by the ethyl and methyl chemistries. Generally, the methyls offer better bond strengths on metals, the ethyls providing better strengths on everything else. Substrate selection and bond line configuration directly influence adhesive performance. [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Features: Sealant
  • Form: Liquid
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Paper or Paperboard; Plastic; Rubber or Elastomer; Textiles or Fabrics
Permabond® Cyanoacrylate (Instant) Adhesives
from Total Plastics, Inc.

Total Plastics offers an extensive range of Permabond ® cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesives. Permabond ® ’s adhesives are approved for use in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical device manufacture, defense (Mil-Spec), plumbing & sprinkler systems, oil &... [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing