High NA Specialty Optical Fiber

HUV Series -- HUV 1000/1035 T
from CeramOptec Industries, Inc.

Optran HUV and Optran HWF hard polymer-clad fibers offer high numerical apertures to suit a broad range of applications, from remote illumination to photodynamic therapy. This high quality fiber. offers easy termination with no pistoning effect and is a cost effective alternative to silica/silica... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: High NA; Hard Polymer Cladding
  • Core Size: 1000
  • Fiber Mode: Multimode
  • Number of Fibers: One Fiber
HCS® Low OH High NA Fiber -- CF05578-01
from OFS

High NA fiber captures more input power with very low bend-induced attenuation, high coupling efficiency. It allows more light to be collected in delicate sensing applications. The hard clad silica (HCS) cladding provides higher tensile strength and greater resistance to moisture than conventional... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare; High NA
  • Core Size: 200
  • Fiber Mode: Multimode
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.4300