Bare Fiber Specialty Optical Fiber Datasheets

Erbium Doped Optical Fiber -- EMP-980
from CorActive High-Tech, Inc.

High efficiency, low noise EDFAs for the C & L band [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare; ErbiumDoped
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.2000
  • Wavelength: 980 to 1480
  • Maximum Attenuation: 5
High Index Specialty Optical Fibers -- HI 1060 & RC HI 1060
from Corning Optical Communications

Corning's suite of high-index fibers are used across telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial markets in applications such as wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) couplers, splitters, and pump pigtails. The high-index fibers are manufactured with Corning's outside vapor deposition (OVD)... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare
  • Wavelength: 980 to ?
  • Core Size: 5.3
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.1400
Optical Grade Plastic Optical Fiber Unjacketed 1000μm -- NT02-534
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Superior Light Transmission. ESKA ® Fiber Strands. Step Index. Edmund Optics offers ESKA ® acrylic fiber optics developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi. We offer these fibers in two grades, both with superior optical properties for improved transmission. The core of both is made of... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5100
  • Core Size: 980
  • Bending Radius: 25
Corning® Bare Fiber -- InfiniCor® 300
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

For high data rate, regional & metropolitan ring networks [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare
  • Core Size: 62.5 to 125
  • Fiber Mode: Multimode
  • Wavelength: 850 to 1300
Borosilicate Glass (.25NA) -- 30' Length (25 Micron Diameter)
from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

All fiber is made from the highest purity glass available. The same fiber used in our products is available to assemble your own product or just experiment with an idea. Standard Features: •Bundles up to 60 feet in length (18M). NA of .25, .44, .55, or .66. in active diameters you specify. [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare; Graded Index (optional feature); Metalized (optional feature); Polarization Maintaining (optional feature)
  • Core Size: 25
  • Fiber Mode: Multimode
  • Number of Fibers: Customer Specified
Bend Insensitive Single Mode Fibers - Optical Fiber -- G.657
from M2 Optics, Inc.

Single Mode and Multimode optical fibers are available on standard spools for network simulation, latency, certification, and other fiber optic testing applications. All new fiber is provided on standard spools, which are sold as spool-only or within an enclosure for easier handling and use. [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare; Bend Insensitive
  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
ESKA™ Plastic Optical Fiber -- CK100
from Mitsubishi International Corporation

Application: Lighting, ESKA ™ Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is offered in fiber and cable formats for a wide range of applications for systems and devices needing small form illumination, sensing, data control and transfer, networking and lighting. ESKA ™ products are RoHS compliant. [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5000
  • Core Size: 2450
  • Bending Radius: 100
ClearLite™ 1550 Photonic Fiber -- 1550-12
from OFS

Our full line of fibers operating at 1550 nm includes a variety of coating options, NAs, and mode field diameters to optimize performance in different applications. The longer cutoff of these fibers, as compared to standard transmission fiber, offers improved optical bend performance. [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare; Photosensitive
  • Core Size: 9.3
  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Wavelength: 1550
Eco-friendly Glass Optical Fibers -- SCHOTT PURAVISĀ®

SCHOTT PURAVIS ® high purity glass optical fibers: High performance lead-free fibers. Refining method without using arsenic and antimony. One of the most exciting advantages that PURAVIS ® offers is the outstanding transmission of white light. Due to the lower color shift, illuminated... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Bare
  • Core Size: 30 to 70
  • Fiber Mode: Multimode
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 200