Spring Loaded Belt and Chain Tensioners

Automatic Swing Tightener -- TC-ABN
from Imao Corporation

Features. Can be used in wide-ranging temperature conditions. This characteristic design provides quiet working and versatility. Perfect for use in limited space. [See More]

  • Adjustment: Spring
  • Maximum Tension: 20.2 to 61.8
Dynamic Pivot Belt Tensioner, Size 3
from York Industries, Inc.

Dynamic pivot tensioners are ideal for tight spaces and when you need adjustments for installation and service. Small but tough. Pivots CW or CCW. 1.20 range of adjustment. Stainless steel spring. Standard catalog item. Features include: The DP-3 gives you. .21 inch minimum idler pulley clearance. [See More]

  • Adjustment: Spring
  • Description: 2mm GT, 3mm GT, .080 (MXL) and 3mm HTD
  • Application: Belt
  • Maximum Tension: 10.0
Automatic, Spring-Loaded Tensioner -- TM22 [TM22 from Brewer Machine and Gear Company]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

T Series Automatic Tensioning; Use w/Shaft #SO-2, SO-3 or SO-4 [See More]

  • Adjustment: Spring
  • Maximum Tension: 22.0
  • Description: 8 11/16 in housing length
Tensioning Element -- 17 01 000
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

The tensioning elements available from stock are employed invirtually all branches of industry, serving as elastic spring elements for tensioning, pressing and damping purposes. The tensioning pres- sure is infnitely adjustable irrespective of the mounting position of the tensioning element. [See More]

  • Adjustment: Spring
  • Maximum Tension: 18.0
  • Application: Chain
  • Contact: Guide
T-MAX™ -- CT1101
from Fenner Drives

Large arc-shaped head guides the roller chain, head made from UHMW [See More]

  • Adjustment: Spring
  • Description: Single Chain #35
  • Application: Chain
  • Maximum Tension: 40.0