Spectroradiometric Analytical Laboratory Services Datasheets

Pyrogenics Group
from MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group

Analytical Instrument Accessories - Low metallic impurities ( <5 ppm total metallic ash) make Pyrolytic Graphite ideal material for manufacturing atomic absorption spectrograph planchettes, crucibles for plasma vaporization, and sputter-coating scanning electron microscope samples requiring a... [See More]

  • Test Methods: Ash Testing; AA; Chemical Extraction; Chromatography; Diffraction; ICP / LA-ICP; Infrared Spectroscopy; Isotopic Analysis; Mass Spec / RGA; Metallography/Microscopy; OES; Property Testing; SEM; Sieve; Spectroradiometric; Thermal Analysis; Trace Element Detection; UV / Vis Spectroscopy; XRF
  • Certifications (Facility Accreditations): A2LA; AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015
  • Company Information: Pyrogenics Group is a technological leader in the production of very specialized, high-purity carbon products with unique thermal, electrical, physical and chemical properties that have application advantages where extreme temperatures and stress exist.
  • Capabilities: Materials Testing Services; Assays / Quantitative; Field Sampling; Chemical Testing Services; Geotechnical; Monitoring; Quality / Purity (Air, Water, Materials); Report Preparation; Standards/Certification
NanoSafe, Inc.
from NanoSafe, Inc.

NanoSafe, Inc. can assist your nanotech organization in all aspects of environmental health and safety. Our services include: Nanoinformatics. Nanomaterial Characterization. Stewardship Program Development. Process Safety Assessment. Nano Waste Management. Workplace  Monitoring. Toxicology and... [See More]

  • Test Methods: ICP / LA-ICP; SEM; Sieve; Spectroradiometric; UV / Vis Spectroscopy; Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Capabilities: Materials Testing Services; Assays / Quantitative; Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Field Sampling; Chemical Testing Services; Environmental Testing and Analysis Services; Industrial Hygiene; Quality / Purity (Air, Water, Materials); Report Preparation; Sample Retention; Standards/Certification; Umpire / Proficiency Testing; Toxicity / Reactivity; Waste Characterization
  • Company Information: NanoSafe, Inc. helps organizations manage nanotechnology environmental health and safety (EHS) risks. We support clients throughout industry, state and federal government agencies, and university laboratories by providing third-party testing and verification services, nanoinformatics tools, nanomaterial synthesis and characterization services, nanotechnology safety products, and contract research.
  • Materials: Ceramics; Chemicals; Coatings; Composites; Cosmetics (Creams, Sunblock, etc.); Nanomaterials; Polymers/Organics; Powders; Sediment; Soil
Solar Light Co., Inc.
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

Located in Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA [See More]

  • Test Methods: Spectroradiometric; Spectroradiometric
  • Capabilities: Materials Testing Services; Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Industrial Hygiene; Sunlight Exposure or Solar Simulation
  • Company Information: Solar Light is a global leader in light testing services offering accelerated UV testing, spectral transmittance analysis, and spectral scanning of light sources for over 40 years.
  • Standards (Test / Certify To): ASTM; NIST; OEM