Weatherproof Switching Power Supplies

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1500W, Portable Battery Charger for Field Applications -- BCP 1K5-PEL
from ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd.

Rugged industrial quality. Field-proven design. Fan cooled. Full electronic protection. Input breaker ON/OFF. Output breaker/crowbar diode. Volt and Amp meter. This rugged, industrial quality battery charger is housed in a water-proof Pelican case with a sturdy handle for easy use in the field. It... [See More]

  • Features: Power Factor Correction; Weatherproof
  • Applications: Field Applications
  • Type: DC Power Supply
  • AC Input Voltage: 180.0 to 264.0
200W IP66-Rated, Railway Quality DC-DC Converter – Railway & Other Heavy Duty Applications -- RWY 200-D2 Series (IP66)
from ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd.

Packaged in waterproof IP66 enclosure. Internal module ruggedized and conformal coated. EN50155 input ranges. For train and mobile applications. Rugged, field-proven design. Full electronic protection. The rugged, railway quality DC-DC converters employ field-proven design topology to generate the... [See More]

  • Features: Weatherproof
  • Applications: Railway & other heavy duty applications
  • Type: DC-DC Converter
  • DC Input Voltage: 24.0 to 110.0
IP66-Rated, Rugged Industrial, AC-DC Power Converter -- PFC 319-D4 (IP66)
from ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd.

Active power factor correction (PFC). Packaged in IP66-rated enclosure. Internal module ruggedized. Single regulated output. Full electronic protection. Rugged, field-proven design. N+1 redundancy available. The rugged industrial quality AC-DC power supplies with active power factor corrected input... [See More]

  • Features: Power Factor Correction; Weatherproof
  • AC Input Voltage: 95.0 to 264.0
  • Type: AC/DC Converter
  • AC Input Current: 6