Switch / Alarm Force and Torque Instruments Datasheets

Digital Weight Indicator -- 3550-1
from Strainsert

The 3550 ’s advanced electronics and simple interface make it easy to set up and operate. It is designed to perform effectively in tough environments. The 3550 features an oversized display (1.2 ” high LEDs) which can be read more than 50 feet away. The rugged stainless steel NEMA 4... [See More]

  • Output: Digital Serial; Switched
  • Rated Load: 0.0 to 99999
  • Type: Force / Weight / Load
  • Sensor Interfaces: Strain Gauge
Versatile 5-Channel Industrial Amplifier / Conditioner Instruments -- TIO-3000
from Transducer Techniques, LLC

The TIO-3000 System was originally designed to perform precision summing on 2, 3 , or 4 load cell signals for weighing applications. Development has progressed into accessory modules with considerable versatility for user defined configurations in a compact economical five (5) slot system with... [See More]

  • Output: Analog Current; Analog Voltage; Switched; Other Digital
  • Sensor Interfaces: Strain Gauge
  • Type: Force / Weight / Load
  • Channels: 2 to 4