IEEE 1394FireWire® (IEEE 1394) Electrical Connectors Datasheets

USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors - Adapters -- 1654329-ND [1654329 from PHOENIX CONTACT USA]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire; USB
  • RoHS Compliant: RoHS
Video Display Connectors Series -- IEEE 1394 Connectors
from Rego Electronics Inc.

1x1 port IEEE 1394 6 conductor and 4 conductor PCB receptacle. Features & Benefits -. Low cost, Simplify customers ’ product design, High quality, Long term supply. Target Market -. Industrial Computing, Professional Audio System, Data Storage [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire
  • Termination Types: Through Hole PC Mount
  • Gender: Female
from RS Components, Ltd.

A range or RS Pro metal Firewire IEEE 1394 feedthrough connectors. The Firewire connectors are housed in robust nickel plated zinc XLR shells with universal 23.6 mm diameter cut outs. The metal feedthrough connectors are suitable for front or rear panel mounting. Gender = Female. Number of Contacts... [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire
  • Termination Types: Plug-In
  • Gender: Female
  • Number of Contacts: 2
Plug, IEEE 1394 -- 70183119 [928 from Keystone Electronics Corp.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Specifications. Shell: Phosphor bronze. Insulator: Thermoplastic, UL 94 V-0. Contacts: Phosphor bronze. Plating: Contact area — gold-flash over nickel; Solder Tails — tin over nickel. Electrical Characteristics. Rated Voltage: 30 VAC (RMS). Contact Current Rating: 1 amp DC max. Plug... [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire; Firewire
  • Termination Types: Solder Cup or Solder
FW Field TV -- FireWire Series
from Amphenol PCD

The Amphenol Pcd FireWire Series allows users to use a standard IEEE 1394A cordset providing 400 Mbits/second over 4.5 meters data transmission in a tri start threaded coupling configuration. The Amphenol Pcd FireWire Series does not require cabling operation, or any necessary tooling, in the field... [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire; Military Connector
  • Termination Types: PCBSolder (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male; Female
  • Number of Contacts: 6
PotCon™ Miniature Circular Connector PBTP -- 24318
from Douglas Electrical Components

The PotCon line of hermetic feedthroughs incorporates standard connectors and/or wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. This line features disconnectable connectors at the pressure/vacuum interface as well as the ATM interface which allow for easy mating and unmating during install. Seal... [See More]

  • Applications: Audio and Video Connectors (optional feature); Automotive (optional feature); Battery / Power Supply Connectors (optional feature); Centronics (optional feature); Circular / Cylindrical Connectors; Coaxial (optional feature); Telecom / Data / Network Connectors (optional feature); DIN (optional feature); European Type Connectors (optional feature); Fibre Channel Connectors (optional feature); IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire (optional feature); Gender Changer (optional feature); Header (optional feature); Rectangular Connectors, Heavy Duty (optional feature); IEEE1284 (optional feature); Military Connector; Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors (optional feature); Panel Interface Connectors (optional feature); PCB (optional feature); Phone Jacks / Plugs (optional feature); RF and Microwave Connectors (optional feature); Flat or Ribbon Cable Connector (optional feature); USB (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male; Female
  • Connector Type: Safety Jacks (optional feature); FPC/FFC (optional feature); HDMI (optional feature); Mini UHF (optional feature); Twinax (optional feature); TNC (optional feature); SMA (optional feature); SMB (optional feature); SMC (optional feature); RCA (optional feature); RJ11 (optional feature); RJ45 (optional feature); MMCX (optional feature); Type N (optional feature); MCX (optional feature); Banana (optional feature); BNC (optional feature); D-Sub (optional feature)
  • Termination Types: Clamp; Crimp; IDC (optional feature); PCBSolder (optional feature); Solder Cup or Solder (optional feature); Tabs (optional feature); Wire Wrap (optional feature)
ESB6 Series -- ESB66
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Raised design for easy insertion and withdrawal [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire
  • Number of Contacts: 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter
HAVE 1Gang Stainless Wallplate 1Firewire -- HAVWP1004FW1
from HAVE, Inc.

HAVWP1004FW1 - HAVE 1 Gang Stainless Wall Plate, with Neutrik Chassis Mount Firewire Feedthrough Adapter. HAVE stocks lots of standard wall plates, loaded with the best connectors. Our wallplates can also be infinitely configurable with any connector you need, so if you can't find the configuration... [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire
Firewire Adapter, Type1 Female/Type 2 Male -- FWA010FM
from L-com, Inc.

These adapters allow users to convert from IEEE1394 Type 1 (6 pin) to Type 2 (4 pin) and vice versa. Two versions offered for maximum flexibility. Handy adapters to have on hand to solve mismatched firewire connector combinations in the field. Featuring a durable fully molded design with internal... [See More]

  • Applications: IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire
  • Gender: Female
  • Connector Type: Firewire
  • RoHS Compliant: RoHS
ARINC 404 Size 1 Quadrax Pin 150 Ohm -- 012735-0000
from Sabritec, Inc.

Data Rates Exceeding 2 Gbit/Sec. Bandwidth: Up to 3 Gigahertz. Low-latency, High- Throughput Signal Processing Applications. Low Skew & Jitter. Matched Impedance Differential Pair Twinax & Quadrax. Standard & Custom Insert Arrangements. Anti-Rotational Cavities. Size 5 & 9 Quad and... [See More]

  • Applications: Fibre Channel Connectors; IEEE 1394 Connectors, FireWire; Rectangular Connectors, Heavy Duty; Military Connector; ARINC
  • Gender: Male
  • Connector Type: Quadrax
  • Number of Contacts: 4 to 106