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  • Attempts over the local formation of blood and inflammatory cells
    … head and Sehwanzanl ~ ge, Neur~]rohr and 12 Urwirbeln ~ about the head and the Urwirbel … Seibert: magnifying glass 0 Okay. 10x periscope.
  • Micromachined chemical jet dispenser
    Subsequent testing showed that the water could be made to bulge in a dome like fashion from … … and tended to trap some very, very small bubbles that were barely visible with a 15X magnifier . The visual inspection of the drops under 10X magnification appeared to indicate a very uniform size about …
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    pinacoid dome sphenoid prism orthorhombic disphenoid orthorhombic pyramid orthorhombic dipyramid It must be examined by 10X magnifier . clean; sometimes the word pure is used as a synonym. clean; free of foreign material such as sand and gravel are without binder. clean; a term used by Australian miners for well- formed, hard roof …
  • The Ultrastructure of the Spermatozoa of Squamata—I. Scincidae, Gekkonidae and Pygopodidae (Reptilia)
    … sperm, the perforatorium extends virtually to the tip of the fore-shortened apically domed acrosome; nuclear shoulders … They were made from the original negatives, or 1.3 magnification proofs, with an accurate steel ruler under a 10x magnifier .
  • Introduction into the laboratory practice
    … eyepiece, finds the information H engraves mostly (eyepiece type after Huygens) and a magnification number (usually 10x ). … 8 aperture stop levers, 9 filter holders, 10 integrated light source, 11 rotating head for the lift … Starting with magnifying glass or searching lens After the roughly engraved scratch on the slide - possibly is with a help of the cross table moved to the brightly lighted exit pupil over the condenser, one brings through rotation to the objective revolver …
  • Ophthalmology
    One x-dB-attenuation would then correspond to an attenuation about 10x/10 . The examiner had to pay attention to a comfortable head and nape attitude as well as pleasant … Telescope, microscope, magnifying glasses ) usefully and gives then, to an object appears the viewer in use of the instrument against view with the "unarmed" eye how much once larger. αB or. αG is the angular expansion of the image or. the object …
  • Molecular Embryology
    Phosphate-buffered saline (PBS; 10X concentrated, pH 7.2) /L: 2.1 g KH2PO4, 90 g NaCl … A low-power engineer’s magnifier lamp or equivalent over the dish is very desirable for this. … pipet, it can be spread over the central clear space on the slightly domed (convex) membrane using …
  • Dermatology and Venerologie
    gonisten are about 10x seltener.Angioödeme through penicillin develop by 1 of 10.000 penicillin treatments. On the hull also proximally on limbs and glutäal, however rarer in the face, at the head or on the Akren, the zentrifugalauswachsenundsichzentrallangsamzurückbilden develop the first mostly asymmetrically elevierte, partially really urtikarielle erythemas. The Wickham phenomenon is often at magnifying glass view to recognize better sometimes first after wiping of efflorescences with water or xylene through which the transparency of the easily thickened stratum corneum is increased.
  • Self-contributor powers in dermatology and the aesthetic medicine
    … e.g., the Analfissur, the tremor, of vaginismus or Bruxismus determined by voltage headaches as well as … The botulinum toxin A is 10x superior effective as the subtype C thereby and is based 20x … Additionally possibly: 440A ( magnifying glass spectacles), 521, 530, as well as specific dermatological and .
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    Also called hand lens, hand loupe or pocket lens, magnifier, simple microscope, and magnifier glass. … members of American Gem Society and implies perfect or flawless gem diamonds under 10x magnification by using … Also called megacrystalline, eucrystalline. macrodome; a large dome from a crystal in which either two or four …