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  • Vitrification facility at the West Valley Demonstration Project
    A 14.5Mg (16 ton) and a 1.8 Mg ( 2 ton ) trolley in the upper bridge passes overthe top of a 1.8 Mg (2 ton) trolley and PaR (power)manipulatorcombinationon the lower bridge.
  • INEL D&D Long-Range Plan
    I battery room has four separatemonorails running north-south;there is one 453.6 Kg (I/ 2 ton ) trolley .
  • 635 Motor-Driven Trolley Product Manual
    Chart A of Table 2 shows the washer arrangement for the 1/8 – 2 - Ton trolley , while Chart B provides data for the 3-Ton trolley.
  • High-level waste canister storage final design, installation, and testing. Topical report
    The cell additionally containedtwo separatebridge cranes on two sets of crane rails: a 14.5-Mg(16-ton) and a 1.8-Mg ( 2 - ton ) trolley on an upper bridge that would pass over the top of the trolley and an electromechanicalmanipulator …
  • Mechanization of blast furnace repair operations
    Setup for pressing plate coolers tight against furnace shaftshelh 1) shaft shell; 2) plate cooler; 8) 5-ton trolley hoist; 4) 2 - ton trolley hoist; 5) clamp; 6) worm reducing gear; 7) electric motor; 8) drum; 9) frame; 10) cable.
  • Temporary Structures in Construction, Third Edition > SCAFFOLDING
    … masonry, methods were developed to use the 7-in, 15.3-lb (18-cm, 7-kg) beams as monorails to facilitate movement of stone blocks along the scaffold from an end lifting location, using 1- or 2 - ton trolleys and chain hoists.
  • Research for the car of morning
    On reason of a rapid branch car with 2 tonnes useful load was developed Beckers's expertize in Dusseldorf, that was also then tested 1923 in the experimental institution of the TH Berlin.
  • Over the basin fractions
    A truck driver 48 years old came on April 16 1930 into Noworossijsk under one yore of truck of fallen 2 tonnes heavy castes and was immediately brought into the heavy state into the hospital, became where extensive Blutergiisse declared particularly in …
  • High Purity Silicon
    The crane system comprises four 330 ft craneways, each with three trolleys and three 2 ton hoists.
  • Remote connector development study
    Budget prices for remote handling equipment in 1993 dollars is as follows: Overhead bridge crane, 5 tons capacity with 2 trolleys .