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  • Primary & Dry Batteries Selling Leads, Primary & Dry Batteries Manufacturers, Primary & Dry Batteries Exporters & Suppliers
    CR2450 3V 550 mAh Medical instrument button battery Voltage: 3.0V Capacity: 600mAh Dimension: 24.5*5.0mm Weight: 6.7... Sell Factory supply C size ER26500 3 . 6v LiSOCL2 non-rechargeable battery .
  • Tadiran - TL-5955/PBP - Batteries - Battery - Allied Electronics
    Battery , Lithium, Coin Cell, 3.6V, 550 mAh , 2-Pin Terminals, 24.0mm x 6.2mm Battery, Lithium, 3 . 6v ,1/2AA, Axial leads, Bulk .
  • Electronic Battery | Mouser
    Electronic Battery 3 . 6V .55Ah TIN PLATED NICKEL PINS 550 mAh .
  • Implementing energy efficient embedded multimedia
    850 mAh 550 A 1000mAh/ 3 . 6V battery enables around an hour of operation, while at least three hours is desired to allow watching a full length movie.
  • Progress in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
    After 20 cycles the discharge capacity is still 511 mAh /g. at low frequency region is attributed … the Zn-PANi Secondary Batteries Jia-Jun Han1,a, Jin-Ning Cheng2, b, Fengwen Pan, Xinkui Liu … 550 Selected LiFePO4 ion battery used frequently by pure electric vehicle, monomer voltage range of applications is 2.5~ 3 . 6V .
  • Electrochemical Power Sources: primary and secondary batteries
    20a,30m/d, 3 ' 6V 2 Table 3.18 Application discharge tests for flat batteries 550 Typical discharge curves at room temperature for the 136 mAh cell are shown in Fig. 7.2.
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems II
    It has 4M bytes of storage capacity, 2.7~ 3 . 6V power supply, low power consumption, typical read current of 10mA, standby current of only 6µA. … pressure and valve state and makes a treatment at once, starts automatically backup battery when power-down … … main technical specifications of the robot are as follows: Weight, 13kg; Dimensions, 920× 550 ×400mm; Slope climbing … Its nominal voltage is 3.7V and nominal capacity is 3000 mAh .
  • Advances in Mechanics Engineering
    The output voltage VOUT is over 30V because the typical forward voltage of each WLED is about 3V- 3 . 6V . … duty cycle to control the output current of solar cells, so that the battery voltage is kept … The above estimation shows, 3V, 2000 mAH battery can be used for 1500-2400 days in theory. ZK227+ 550 .
  • Instruments, Measurement, Electronics and Information Engineering
    Example a 800 mAh capacity battery , the termination of the charging voltage of 4.2V. Pull-up voltage ranges between 3.0~ 3 . 6V . … at 500MHz and 90V drain to source voltage, exhibited an output power of 550 W with a …
  • Advanced Materials and Process Technology
    mAh g- at C/20 rate), although the textural properties are similar to those observed in the LiFeP04/C LiFeP04 is considered as the most potential cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries , due to its low 350 <00 550 000 050 - 3 . 6V .