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  • Stack Lights and Machine Lights-Image
    Stack Lights and Machine Lights - (151 companies)
    Stack lights and machine lights are used for alarm and machine status indication. They can be supplied with audible alarms and be used as flashers or steady light configurations. Specifications Colors There is no specific standard in the U.S.
    Number of Lights
    Available Colors
    Lighting Option
  • Halogen Lamps-Image
    Halogen Lamps - (263 companies)
    Halogen lamps are high pressure incandescent lamps containing halogen gases such as iodine or bromine, which allow the filaments to be operated at higher temperatures and higher efficacies. Halogen lamps are high pressure, incandescent lamps...
  • Lamps-Image
    Lamps - (1729 companies)
    Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps...
  • Lighting Fixtures-Image
    Lighting Fixtures - (1549 companies)
    How to Select Lighting Fixtures. Lighting fixtures produce artificial light in industrial areas or workspaces. They are electrical devices that hold one or more lamps and provide illumination. Most are designed for use with fluorescent, halogen...
  • Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights-Image
    Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights - (197 companies)
    How to Select Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights. Pilot lights and indicator lights are indicating lights for machines or instruments. Most indicators favor the use of LEDs or incandescent lamps. Types of Lights. Pilot lights and indicator lights...
    Work Lights - (64 companies)
    Work lights are portable luminaires that provide illumination to dark and dim work zones. Work lights are portable luminaires employed in places with dim or no illumination. These are temporary, versatile devices that enable activities when daylight...
    Arc and Resistance Welding Equipment - (243 companies)
    Welding machines and joining machines include all manner of devices used for welding, brazing and soldering. Welding machines and joining machines cover devices used in a wide array of joining processes including arc welding (MIG, TIG, stick...
    Warning Lights - (274 companies)
    ...lights may include: security. burglary or theft. fire. machine failure or malfunction. process monitoring. power distribution. confined space or personal safety. smoke. structural failure. vehicle safety. Types. Warning lights are available in many...
    Street Lights - (57 companies)
    Street lights are elevated light sources that illuminate dark public areas, most commonly roads, walkways, and parking lots. They are also referred to as street lamps. Street lights, also known as street lamps, illuminate roadways, parking lots...
    Navigation Lights - (34 companies), and halogen lighting, to provide color or white lighting. Lenses, control panels, and ingress protection are additional factors to consider when selecting navigation lights. The lens and body should protect the lamp, electronics, and electrical...

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