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    Sump Pumps - (312 companies)
    Sump pumps are used in applications where excess water must be pumped away from a particular area. They generally sit in a basin or sump that collects this excess water, hence the name basin sump pump, or simply sump pump. While most people...
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  • Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Systems-Image
    Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Systems - (206 companies)
    Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles for loosening and removing dirt, scale, and other impurities from parts. Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles within a bath, which expand...
    Gas Bubblers - (13 companies)
    Gas bubblers are used to exclude air from a reaction or a system by acting as a one-way valve. Gases from the inlet bubble through a fluid (oil, mercury, or water) before they are vented to the atmosphere. Gas bubblers are laboratory equipment used...
  • Liquid Level Switches-Image
    Liquid Level Switches - (367 companies)
    Technology. Description. Application. Air bubbler. Image Credit : Chipkin Automation Systems. An air bubbler is composed of a source of compressed air, an air flow restrictor, sensing tube, and pressure transmitter. It works with a small amount of air...
  • Level Sensors-Image
    Level Sensors - (1058 companies)
    ...include. Technology. Description. Application. Air bubbler. Image Credit: Chipkin Automation Systems. They have a source of compressed air, an air flow restrictor, sensing tube, and pressure transmitter. The device works with a small amount of air...
    Hydraulic Pumps - (673 companies)
    Hydraulic pumps deliver high-pressure fluid flow to the pump outlet. Hydraulic pumps are powered by mechanical energy sources to pressurize fluid. Hydraulic pumps are positive displacement pumps which pressurize hydraulic fluid in order to do work...
    Water Pumps - (859 companies)
    Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport. Water pumps move water that does not contain...
    Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps - (283 companies)
    Hand pumps and foot pumps are manually operated pumps that can driven by hand or foot via a handle or lever. Hand pumps and foot pumps are manually operated pumps driven by hand or foot via a handle or lever. This manual external force actuates...
    Utility Pumps - (126 companies)
    Utility pumps are used in many applications such as dewatering low-lying areas, pool covers, and sumps. They are not designed for continuous use. Utility pumps are devices that are capable of pumping large quantities of liquids in a short time...
    Centrifugal Pumps - (1152 companies)
    Centrifugal pumps consist of a set of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, that are used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. Centrifugal pumps are dynamic pumps which move fluids through a system using one or more...

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  • Safety of Soviet-designed nuclear reactors: a general assessment and international efforts to upgrade their safety
    •4-reactor vessel; 5protectlve shleKffng cap; 6-sprays; 7-spray system pump ; 8-heat exchanger cooler for water drawn from sump ; 9-tunnel connecting steam generator compartment with bubbler -condenser tower; 10-reinforced concrete walls; II- suppression pool system at each level …
  • Annual technical progress report inducer pump program government fiscal year 1976 and 1976T. [LMFBR]
    A standpipe bubbler level control system is employed to suppress the sodium in the overflow sump to below the radiation shield and thermal baffling (during a shutdown). This arrangement allows the pump to be supported at the reactor normal operating sodium level.
  • HWMA/RCRA Closure Plan for the CPP-648 Radioactive Solid and Liquid Waste Storage Tank System (VES-SFE-106)
    The vault sump is constructed of stainless steel and is equipped with a bubbler probe level instrument. In the event of a spill from the tank, the sump can be pumped back to the tank or directly to the process equipment waste evaporator (PEWE) system (ISD-3, 2002).
  • CRBRP sodium circulating pump design evaluation
    sump type pump , arranged as shown in Figure 1. using the "standpipe- bubbler " system in which a continuous .
  • The fluid systems for the SLD Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector
    The liquid from the trays and the spill tanks is drained into a sump at the bottom … The liquid is then pumped back up to the reservoir tank. The entire system is in contact with a purified nitrogen buffer gas which serves as a pressure … The buffer gas communicates with the atmosphere through a bubbler and a C6F14 condenser which traps C6F14 …
  • 340 Waste handling facility interim safety basis
    Wash solutions used f o r decontamination and water rinse are pumped from the sump d i r e c t l y t o a vault tank. … e n t monitoring and control instrumentation f o r the RLWS loadout system , valve controls, the … … the control room contains instrument a i r compressors f o r the bubbler system, a i …
    The final part of the total system is the facility for delivering stored water to the point … For outdoor use, a small sump pump can deliver water from the tank to the various key points to irrigate a garden or shrub- bery. The water can emerge through a bubbler or alfalfa valve.
    The c e l l atmosphere is N2 containing less than !5$ 02, the low oxygen content serving t o eliminate the hazards of explosions due to possible leakage of o i l from the fuel salt circulating pump lubricating system . The nitrogen enters the c e l l through the bubblers used for measuring the liquid level in the cell sump , as mentioned in Section 14.2.
  • Engineering Report on Double Shell Tank (DST) System Miscellaneous Tanks [SEC 1 thru 5 APPENDICIES A thru M]
    … the catch tank pit Both the catch tank and the catch tank pit ( sump ) are equipped with … … shpments being near this capacity limt In late 1998 the railcar tanker transportation system was temnated so … … I e mnimum of one reading per day required for this catch tank) About 200 gallons of waste inventory is needed to ensure that the inlet (bottom) openings of the level measuring instrument ( bubbler pipe) and the pump out pipe etc remain …
  • Advanced Neutron Source radiological design criteria
    A location should be selectedwithin a Radiological Area for a sump collection pit, and a pump equipped with abovegroundpiping should be used to move the potentially contaminatedwater into the holding tanks (MLM-3719). Flow-indicatingdevices shouldbe installedin the leakoff lines in radioactivedrain systems (RCM). The use of stack-ventedrupture disks,pressure relief valves, seal pots, or bubbler traps shall be considered …