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  • Calculation of Parasitic Elements in Toroidal Core Transformers
    There- fore, in this paper, this method is applied to the toroidal core transformer for calculating layer-to-layer stray capacitance.
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    Pulsed Power Science and Technology Calculation of Parasitic Elements in Toroidal Core Transformers ............................. A. Baktash and A. Vahedi .
  • Resolving A Paradox in the Teaching of Faraday's Law - [Education Column]
    We study here a transformer carrying an alternating current at power-line frequencies, and provide calculations of the electric field both inside and outside the toroidal core , as well as the corre- sponding magnetic fields.
  • Digital-pulse approach to electromagnetism
    The advantages of the pulse method in engineering appli- cations are illustrated by the design of a transformer , assumed initially to be air- cored and toroidal in form, with a dimension … … sufficient to limit the design calculations to two dimensions in …
  • Transformer connection under no-load and short-circuit events
    … and maximal induction Bm: double lines are the lines recom- mended in [1, 4] for calculations of inrush currents of … … winded uncut (2) magnetic cores of the transformers ; — is according to … … and at winded uncut ( toroi- dal ) transformer after its preliminary …
  • uct  vol.13 issue50; Abstract: S1316-48212009000100002
    Once the transformers are designed, a Magnetic Finite Elements program is used to calculate each design main parameters (flux density … … compared, being evident that the Coaxial Toroidal Transformer is the one that … … values allowed by the core material, that can cause …
  • An actively cooled high power, high frequency transformer with high insulation capability
    … 2211; Date of Patent 2000-03-15 [18] L. Heinemann, R. Ullrich, H. Grotstollen; “Transfer Function and Calculation of Parameters for High Frequency Multiwind- ing Transformers ”; IEEE PESC 1991 … … and VITROPERM 500 F, Toroidal strip wound cores in Power Transformers for …
  • Engineering Electromagnetics
    10.22 Current Transformer with Air Core . Calculate the induced voltage (emf) in an air-filled, uniformly wound toroidal coil of N turns and cross-sectional area as shown in Figure 10.53.
  • Transformer Design and Optimization: A Literature Survey
    Techniques that include mathematical models employing analytical formulas, based on design constants and approximations for the calculation of the transformer parameters are often the base of the design process adopted by transformer manufacturers [305]. … been extensively used in order to cope with the complex problem of transformer design optimization, such as GAs that have been used for transformer cost minimization [306], performance optimization of cast-resin distribution transformers with stack- core technology [307] or toroidal core .
  • Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Sixteenth Edition > TRANSFORMERS
    The ratio error calculated by this method may in fact be greater than the actual ratio error … Generally, the leakage flux in a current transformer can be said to be negligible only in a current transformer consisting of a toroidal core with the secondary winding fairly well distributed around the core, for example, an assembly intended to be placed …