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  • Steam and Gas Turbines-Image
    Steam and Gas Turbines - (75 companies)
    Steam turbines and gas turbines are rotating machines that extract energy from pressurized steam and/or from combustion gases. Types of Steam and Gas Turbines There are two basic types of steam turbines: impulse and reaction. Impulse turbines...
  • Thin-section Bearings-Image
    Thin-section Bearings - (88 companies)
    Thin-section bearings have small cross-sections with respect to their diameter. They are designed to save space, lower the weight of a design and reduce friction. Thin and extra thin-section bearings are available in inch or metric sizes...
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    Wind Turbines - (269 companies)
    Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy. When used with an electrical generator, the rotation of the wind turbine 's blades turns a shaft to produce electricity. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from wind...
  • Steam Traps-Image
    Steam Traps - (228 companies)
    Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam space while preventing the loss of live steam. They also remove air and noncondensables from the steam space. Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam...
  • Steam Valves-Image
    Steam Valves - (231 companies)
    It is used for powering turbines to generate electricity and for food, chemical and other product processing. Steam is also used for cleaning, heating, and humidification. Most applications require some control, and steam control valves become...
    Turbine Repair and Maintenance Services - (113 companies)
    Turbine repair and maintenance services provide maintenance, overhauls and repairs to wind, gas, steam and water turbines. Turbine repair and maintenance services provide maintenance, overhauls, and repairs to wind, gas, steam, and water turbines...
    Steam Injection Heaters - (26 companies)
    ...for securing the heater. On a much larger scale, a heat recovery steam generator is a type of boiler used in power plants to take advantage of the waste heat generated by a gas-powered turbine. The waste heat from the gas turbine is used to heat water...
    Blades (wind turbine) - (19 companies)
    Wind turbine blades are air-foil shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. Wind turbine blades are airfoil-shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. The airfoil-shaped-design...
    Hydro Turbines - (55 companies)
    Hydro turbines are used to transmit mechanical power and produce electricity. Hydro turbines convert water pressure into mechanical shaft power that can be used to drive an electricity generator, grind a mill, or move some other device. Hydro...
    Turbine Flow Meters - (264 companies)
    ...can handle mixed phase materials such as steam. For specific uses, refer to information about meter technologies, or consult the turbine flow meter manufacturer. Important Parameters for Turbine Flow Meters (H2). Important parameters to consider when...

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  • Utility Advanced Turbine System (ATS) technology readiness testing and pre-commercial demonstration -- Phase 3. Quarterly report, April 1--June 30, 1996
    Mock-ups for the gas turbine midsection, including compressor discharge casing, compressor diffuser, and outer turbine shell, first-stage nozzle and steam piping, and combustor transition piece are expected to be completed. .... Final turbine aerodynamic and compressor aerodynamic flowpaths will be completed, allowing the flowpath cross - section drawing to be updated.
  • Ahuachapan geothermal project: a technical and economic assessment
    …with a slanted barometric pipe. negligible pressure loss between the condenser and the turbine exhaust hood, as .... The non- condensable gases are drawn from the gas cooler section o f the condenser, through a 2-stage, steam ejector with inter- and after-coolers, and discharged … i t f o r redundancy. of the cross -flow, mechanically induced-draft…
  • Methods of evaluating power losses for ventilation in stages of steam turbines of TES
    Table 1 shows those relations that can be used for calculation by direct inserting values of typical parameters taken directly from designing doc umentation, i.e., drawings of turbine rotor blade (RB) profiles and cross section of the turbine wheel space. .... transformed to a common form at con denser pressure pc = 9.8 kPa, steam density in the…
  • Geothermal Engineering
    The high-pressure steam enters at the top on the drawing and moves to the left through the high-pressure turbine , which has four stages, each a row of blades … of fixed blades known as nozzles to redirect the steam flow. .... The steam passage through the second turbine is at a greater radius, providing a bigger area of cross section for the flow, which has increased in mass flow rate by the extra steam added.
  • Operation and Performance of a Biphase Turbine Power Plant at the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field (Final Report)
    The cross - section is then increased to 4 inch schedule 80 pipe and terminates at the exit flange which seals on the mating flange on the out-side of the turbine casing. .... The Biphase turbine receives a two-phase mixture of brine and steam from the geothermal wellhead. .... is split into two streams by the flow-splitter shown in Appendix E, drawing E50032, before entering…
  • Bursting of a high-pressure steam pipe - issue 225
    The dished bottom was convex and welded with a tulip-like shape on a weld-free drawn tube made of P22 type steel ( cross - section with two dished bottoms). .... 44 mm), conveying the 520°C water vapour at high pressure (120 bar) between a superheater and turbines . .... from the unit’s reforming furnace in order to increase the temperature of the steam produced by the…

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