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    Transistors - (630 companies)
    ...transistors (FETs), also called unipolar transistors, are transistors with only two layers of semiconductor material. They include gate, source, and drain components. The gate is the semiconductor layer and terminal that modulates current via...
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    RF Receivers - (259 companies)
    RF receivers are electronic devices that enable a particular radio signal to be separated from all others being received and converted into a format for video, voice, or data. RF receivers are electronic devices that separate radio signals from one...
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    Pulser-Receivers - (27 companies)
    Pulser-receivers generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for NDT testing. Pulser-receivers (also referred to as pulser/receivers) generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for nondestructive testing (NDT...
    Air Receivers - (28 companies)
    Air receivers serve as buffers between a compressor and the consumption mechanism of a compressed air system. Air receivers serve as buffers between a compressor and the consumption mechanism of a compressed air system. They are essential...
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    Magnetic Receivers - (5 companies)
    Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. The simplest of these devices is the telephone. Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. Electromagnetic principle can...
    Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters - (361 companies)
    Telemetry receivers and telemetry transmitters are data acquisition components used to gather information from remote locations via wireless communication. Telemetry receivers and telemetry transmitters can be produced as separate receiver...
    Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET (MOSFET) - (201 companies)
    While MOSFETs technically have four terminals -- source, gate, drain, and body (or S,G,D, and B) -- the body terminal is typically connected to the source, effectively making them three terminal devices like other field-effect transistors (FET...
    Radios - (380 companies)
    ...of a transmitter, receiver, and antenna. They are available in mobile and base configurations. Performance. Unlike cellular phones, radios do not require a monthly contract or carry per-call charges. In the United States, two-way radios are regulated...
    Radio Receiver ICs - (29 companies)
    Radio receiver ICs support worldwide radio band requirements, including frequency modulation (FM), FM radio data system (RDS), amplitude modulation (AM), long wave (LW), short wave (SW), and weather bands. These integrated circuits (ICs...
    Fiber Optic Receivers - (114 companies)
    Fiber optic receivers are instruments that convert light into electrical signals. They contain a photodiode semiconductor, signal conditioning circuitry, and an amplifier. How to Select Fiber Optic Receivers. Image Credit: Avago Technologies...

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  • Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
    …117, 167, 186, 234, 252 – FDOPA 18, 190 – FESP 315 – FET 253 – FLT … 118, 127 – Technegas 252 – Tetrofosmin 167, 248 – Thallium 27 – Tyrosine 27, 41, 190 – VIP 158 – Water 12, 47 – Xenon 67, 251 Receiver -operating-characteristic (ROC) 77 … 292 – Iterative 291 Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) 109…
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    Pt-MOS- FET . .... Read out electronics Recalibration Receiver Recrystallisation Recurrent networks Recycling biosensors Reference electrode Reflected impedance Reflection Reflex act Refractive index variation .
  • 1978 Index IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering Vol. BME-25
    …stimulators; three-channel vesical stimulator for sequential pulsing of detrusor muscle of urinary bladder; Naumann, Stephen; T-BME v25 n3 May 78 307-311 (2A 14) Implantable radio receivers biomedical telemetry; transmission and … F03) Integrated circuits; cf. FET integrated circuits; MOSFET integrated … BME v25 nI Jan 78 94-96 (2A04) Limbs ankle; joint compliance and reflex gain measurement; Goutlieb…
  • Target Detection by Marine Radar
    Alternatively, a FET transistor may be used in an oscillating positive feedback amplifier. .... Formerly, reflex klystron valves were used. .... a limited range, which if exceeded, may throw off to a large error, grossly degrading receiver performance.
  • Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians
    These gallium-arsenide- FET (GAsFET) devices are off-the-shelf technology taken from the satellite- receiver industry. .... Early in the development of 3-cm (X-band) radars in WWII, a reflex klystron was used…
  • Électrophysiologique analysis and comparison at the Man of the reflex of Hoffmann and of the myotatique reflex
    These flexural manceuvres promote aflleurs in eertains subjects, the appearance of spontaneous rebounds of the électromyographique activity and the presence of post-charging states extended from the type of the "iate-diseharge" of M_AGL~1)~R:fet ' toll. .... The importance of the " inhibition autog6niquc " in reflex eoordinations was recently still emphasized in a .... The today well admitted function, tendineux receivers of GOLGIles designate as the main players of these observable…
  • Guest editorial
    …systems is discussed in “Decision and Clock Recovery Circuits for Gigahertz Optical Fiber Receivers in Silicon NMOS … is pre- sented in “Optimum Design of a 4-Gbit /s GaAs MES- FET Optical Preamplifier,” .... ” In “Gigahertz Signal Processing Using Reflex Optoelec- tronic Switching Matrices,” D. K. W. Lam and…
  • Optomechanical Design Of A Grating Power Combiner For Laser Diodes
    The bias electronics utilized a feedback circuit to maintain optimum FET bias given changes in the laser's .... 66 / SPIE Vol. 1044 Optomechanical Design of Laser Transmitters and Receivers (1989). .... This retroreflects a small fraction of the beam back to the reflex detector (la) for wavelength feedback…
  • Front cover and table of contents
    ...................R. B. Darling A 2-GHz Optical Receiver Using Commercially Available Components............A. Azizi and L. Altwegg An APD/ FET Optical Receiver Operating at 8 Gbit/s .................................................. ...........B. L. Kasper, J. .... Polak-Dingles, H.-L. A. Hung, and H. C. Huang Gigahertz SignalProcessing Using Reflex Optoelectronic Switching Matrices.
  • 2004 Index
    micromachined reflex klystrons for operation, terahertz freqs., optim. .... MOS analog integrated circuits utilizing 0.18-µm PMOS transistors, 2.4-GHz receiver . .... 04 2004 9-12 Vol.1 phys. dyn. electro thermal large sig. model for RF LDMOS FETs .